After introducing several action game full of violence companies intend to introduce one of the most beautiful and famous Loft Today most enjoyable fun games of Android from this company called Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue! HD or animal rescue where there is no violence! The story of the game is that an infamous animal smuggler and his colleague constantly harass the animals and scare them by separating them from their families. Your job is to save the animals from various dangers; Welcome the guests who come to your dream zoo and turn it into a safe place for animals to live and grow with the help of your professional team! If you like to go on an exploratory and tourist trip to Africa then playDo not miss the above; On a trip to Africa, you encounter ruthless hunters who are hunting animals illegally and endangering the lives of animals; So another of your tasks is to destroy predators to save the lives of animals! If we want to explain the features of the game, we can say that it has 7 different maps of polar regions, mountains, plains, pastures and forests All these lands you have to look for innocent and funny animals and protect them!

Some features of Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue! HD Android:

  • Explore 7 special maps including savannah, forest, mountain, pasture and polar
  • Decorate your zoo with plants, shops , restaurants and other things
  • Collect legendary species such as the unicorn and the phoenix
  • Save different species of animals and prevent their extinction
  • Explore amazing places using the car at your disposal
  • Ability to connect with friends to share results and achievements
  • Having stunning HD graphics with professional sound

Game Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue! HD is available for free and has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 and has been downloaded more than 50 million times by Android users around the world from Google Play. Today in Usroid , we will provide you with the latest version with mod. And we hope you like it…

Note: The game is online and data can be downloaded without any problems with a Wi-Fi connection – it has an unlimited money mode.

 Changes in version v2.1.0f:

* Fixed various problems and improved game graphics


Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue