Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse v2.3.2 + Mod – Racing car game in the hills: Android Apocalypse
Regular version + Mod version (infinite gold coins: increase instead of decrease) separately available
Tested by running offline

Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Apocalypse – ماشین سواری در تپه ها: آخرالزمان is the title of a racing game published by INLOGIC ARCADE – zombie racing shooter for Android devices. The mentioned game studio has previously released many good games in the Android market and has recorded a successful gaming record for itself with millions of downloads. Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Apocalypse is also one of the good games of this game studio, which has been well received by gamers in a short period of time and has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times in the Android market. Achieving this exceptional download record is indicative of one thing: its extraordinary nature! This game is one of the most extraordinary games that any gamer will enjoy playing, especially action game fans. It is true that this game introduces itself as a racing game, but to be honest, it is more of an action game that uses shooter elements. However, what is more important in the game genre is the original idea of the game, which is very new and innovative, and fewer games have used such an idea in their gameplay with this style and context. You have definitely seen many zombie and apocalypse games in recent years, but you have probably never seen a game where your war car climbs hills and shoots zombies on its way. However, we must also say that the game idea has been somewhat inspired by one of the famous games. If you notice similarities between this game and Hill Climb Racing when entering the game, you are not mistaken. Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Apocalypse has many similarities with Hill Climb Racing, but it still has its own unique atmosphere. In this game, you have to choose a war car for yourself and destroy a tsunami of huge zombie herds by climbing hills.


Zombie Hill Racing - Earn To Climb Apocalypse


You won’t experience the ultimate fun and excitement of zombie killing in any other game like Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Apocalypse. It is full of various types of zombies and military vehicles, providing you with a unique and exemplary experience. By killing as many zombies as possible, you can earn money and use it to upgrade your military vehicle and its weapons. The gameplay is very entertaining, exciting, and addictive, and it’s exactly what you expect from a well-made game. The physics of the game is very well done and realistic, providing a good challenge when facing hills and obstacles. The reward and upgrade system of the game is very advanced and provides you with access to many items that can make your military vehicle more powerful and unbeatable. Nitrogen, machine guns, rockets, and bombs are some of these items. The controls are very simple, and all gameplay mechanisms can be easily performed through virtual buttons embedded at the bottom of your device’s screen, which you can handle with ease. In addition, a short tutorial section helps you learn these controls and become more familiar with how to play. The game’s graphic design is amazing in one word. The artistic design of the different parts of the game world and the vehicles has been done very professionally and with high detail, and the animations and effects have created an extraordinary beauty for this game. The sound effects are superbly done, and the game’s soundtrack has a fast-paced rhythm and is in the rock genre, creating an indescribable excitement for this game, along with the sound of obstacles breaking and zombies being killed. Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Apocalypse has received an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 among gamers on the Android market, and the team at Usroid intends to provide this exciting and popular game in both original and modded versions without limitations. You can now download this game, which has been tested by our team, completely for free via the direct links provided at the end of this article and enjoy playing it!

Note: Use gold in your mod version to see that instead of decreasing, it increases.