Art of War v7.3.0 + Mod – Entertaining strategic game “Art of War” for Android smart devices
Regular version + Mod version (with unlocked VIP section and possibility of account ban) separately
Tested for offline play

Art of War – هنر نبرد is an interesting and entertaining strategy game produced by the Hong Kong studio 10P STUDIO and offered for free. As the first Iranian website, Usroid has provided this game for you dear friends in both regular and modded versions with infinite money. In other articles on the site, other games such as Snoopy Spot the Difference, My Escape Puzzle, and Find The Differences – The Detective have been produced with unique gameplay and style that you probably haven’t seen in many games. The designs of this game are cubic models and its overall nature is humorous. In this game, you have to take the leadership of a group of soldiers and strategically arrange them in a battle against enemies and defeat them. The only thing that leads you to victory is the proper use of strategic power. At the beginning of each level, you can place your troops in the desired section, but you must use the required troops correctly and manage this group of soldiers well. This is not an easy task and is exactly the point that has caused many players to fail, which is why Art of War is considered a very challenging game by players. What makes your job difficult is the relatively high prices for soldiers. This means there is no news of saving money and having many soldiers in the game levels.


Art of War


In the game Art of War, you must arrange your soldiers in formation and prepare them for battle against your enemies with special management and the best decisions you can make. After making your choices and preparing your pieces and forces, it’s time to start the battle. In this state, you must start the battle and then see the result of your work. If you have done your job well, you will see that your soldiers are victorious, but if you have not done it correctly, you will face defeat. With each victory against enemies, you can earn money and points and buy better soldiers with the money earned. By passing each level, you will be promoted to a higher level. Although this level helps you build a better army, your opponent also considers a stronger army of enemies for you. Therefore, as mentioned, all your focus should be on how to choose and manage this army. Your soldiers will line up in blue and your enemies will line up in red against you. Heavy battles are waiting for you in higher levels to experience an entertaining and challenging game. This game is only for people interested in strategic and challenging games and may seem a bit difficult for simple players. So if you are looking for a unique and interesting challenge, you can download the Art of War game now in a regular or modified form as a tested version from the servers of Usroid. It should be noted that the Art of War game with more than 100,000 downloads has been able to reach a score of 4.2 out of 5.0.