Block Story Premium v13.0.8 + Mod – Popular and entertaining game of Block Story Android +
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Block Story Premium is a premium and purchased version of the extremely attractive and entertaining game “Story of Blocks” in the style of role-playing games for Android , where you can create anything you like using blocks; For example, you can build a house and protect yourself from strange creatures! In this game, all kinds of creatures such as lizards, sharks and حمله attack you, you have to stand in front of them with different weapons and destroy them! Combine different minerals to create a block of whatever you have in mind and play a fun and addictive game! Build anything you can imagine, fight monsters, get stronger, or discover a beautiful and unlimited world!

Some features of Block Story Android game:

  • Exotic creatures such as dragons, lizards and so on
  • Beautiful graphics, with colorful lights, epic night sky, and hit the ground
  • 4 control modes: single joystick, dual joystick, accelerometer and D-pad
  • Various equipment to deal with creatures
  • Frequent updates and the addition of new features
  • Build a beautiful land with hell, floating island, forgotten sky, underground world and coral reefs
  • Build torches to find your way in different caves
  • Many weapons such as swords, magic, shields, rifles, bows and arrows
  • Vehicles such as cars and boats for long trips

To download the latest version of Block Story game for free and with a direct link from Usroid, join the moon!

Dear friends: The upcoming version of Block Story game is a premium version and has been purchased and is different from the free version available in the markets.

 Changes in version v13.0.8:

* Various optimizations + troubleshooting and improved game graphics


Block Story 5.0.2 - a fun and popular Android game