Tom and Jerry: Chase v – Fun game “Tom and Jerry: Chase” for Android
An awesome competitive and cartoon game from the reputable game company NetEase
Tested by running online

Tom and Jerry: Chase a very beautiful and fancy game in the fancy style of the studio raised by NetEase Games is the maker of controversial works such as Fortcraft, Disorder, Lifeafter: Night falls, Ride Out Heroes, Super Mecha Champions, Dawn of Isles, Cyber ​​Hunter, Identity V, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile or MARVEL Super War, which is developed for free but with in-app payment capability and is available to Android players around the world. Usroid, as always, proudly announces that once again, as the first Iranian website, it has prepared, reviewed and introduced another attractive and competitive game from this studio, and you, dear ones and lovers of fun and online games. Invites you to download this game. If you are familiar with Net Ease Studio games, you know that the general and main focus of these games is online competitions in various forms. Therefore, it should be said that this studio is currently one of the most powerful game companies in the field of making competitive and online games. The games we cited from this developer are almost all in the same genre. But in this article, we intend to introduce a different game from this company. Tom and Jerry: Chase is a great adaptation of the hilarious and popular Tom and Jerry cartoon, the first episode of which aired on television in February 1940. Tom and Jerry are without a doubt one of the most popular and classic cartoons in contemporary history, and hundreds of cartoons, anime and games have been made from them so far. Although the games based on this cartoon have never looked as good as they should, NetEase Games has made a big difference in the game world of these characters by making a very beautiful and well-made game with Tom and Jerry theme.


Tom and Jerry: Chase


In Tom and Jerry: Chase you travel to the lovely world of the famous cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry, and you can play the role of each. The style and context of the game is designed to be completely online and competitive. Each stage of the game or the so-called each hand of the game involves a predetermined competition in which one hunter (cat) and 4 hunters (mouse) play. At the beginning of the game, you can decide whether to play Tom or other famous cats from the Tom and Jerry series or to play the role of Jerry and other characters against Tom. After selecting the desired character and when you enter the game, you have to do certain things according to the choice you have. If you choose Tom or another cat you will be against 4 other players. Your task is to find and capture them, and after you capture them, you must fulfill your long-held dream of closing and throwing Jerry to another planet! On the other hand, if you have chosen Jerry or other characters opposite Tom, you have to escape from him and hide in different places. But in the whole game Tom and Jerry: Chase, which also has a relatively large space, there are all kinds of different items and side items, some of which can be used by Tom and some by Jerry, and also items are available. Which both can use. The most important of these items are the traps you can set to trap your competitor or competitors. In Tom and Jerry: Chase, you can buy various skins and various other items from the store and make the game process more professional. Graphically, it should be said that the designs of Tom and Jerry: Chase game have been done exactly according to the criteria of the classic cartoons in this series, and it inspires the feeling and mood of this cartoon to you well. The gameplay of the game is followed from the front view and you can take control of the game characters and move around, jump on objects or interact with game items. This beautiful and fun game is now tested and free from Usroid is ready for download. The game registered nearly 1 million downloads in a short period of time and managed to get a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0.

Additional notes:

  1. This game is completely online.
  2. Relatively fast internet is required to run Tom and Jerry: Chase.
  3. Apart from the main data, some additional information is also received from inside the game during the first run.
  4. Game servers are not available for Iranian users and you may need to change your IP to connect to them.
  5. This game is not hacked or mod. Please refrain from asking questions about this.


Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.netease.tjglobal folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.