Super Mecha Champions v1.0.17751 – Exciting Action Game “Mechanical Heroes” for Android
Another highly exciting and graphic online game from NetEase
Tested with online execution

Super Mecha Champions – Mechanical Heroes is an exciting and well-made action game with competitive and multiplayer gameplay, online and multiplayer, created by the famous game company NetEase, the creator of revolutionary titles such as Cyber Hunter, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile, and Ride Out Heroes, which has many similarities to other games of the same company. NetEase seems to have a great interest in battle royale-style games and has produced and released a very large number of these games. Therefore, it can be said that this company is currently the strongest and most active game development studio in the battle royale genre. This time, in this article from Usroid website, we intend to introduce another game offered by NetEase to you, our dear readers. The mentioned game is called Super Mecha Champions or Mechanical Heroes. This game is a completely fantasy title related to robotic and imaginative battles. In this game, you travel to the future, where giant mechanical robots and intelligent armored war machines have caused many wars to begin, and you must also get to work and try to win and honor in this great war! From this point of view, it should be said that the structure and designs of the game have many similarities to titles such as Robot Warfare: Mech battle and War Robots. Super Mecha Champions displays a great and very exciting battle in the form of a futuristic and fantasy game. So if you want to participate in these battles, you have to prepare yourself well for a great and tense war!


Super Mecha Champions


In the game Super Mecha Champions, you must ride a large and combat robot. You can implement various types of weapons and military equipment on your mechanical robot. You can choose different weapons, upgrade various parts of your robot, or increase its level. Super Mecha Champions, like other games made by NetEase, is designed with a graphic language and full of details so that players can have a unique experience of it. These designs are all three-dimensional and in HD. In addition to the main models, environmental designs, shadows, and sound effects have also been done in the best possible way to make this game similar to a console game. In addition to the graphics, the smooth and professional gameplay is also a positive factor that cannot be overlooked. The attractive effects, explosions, destructibility, and realistic movements present in the game have made Super Mecha Champions a highly popular and powerful game. However, these many details and professional designs have made Super Mecha Champions have a very large volume compared to ordinary and common mobile games, and its performance can only be possible on flagship and powerful devices. If you have a powerful Android mobile and want to experience a competitive and military online game in a futuristic world, start working now and download the latest official version of the Mecha Champions game from Usroid as a tested version. It is worth mentioning that Super Mecha Champions has been downloaded more than 1 million times and has also received a score of 4.1 out of 5.0. For more information on game updates, you can visit the official website of this game.

Note: The new version of the game is released without data and the required data is fully downloaded during the initial run.