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The high power of Android apps often surprises users to the extent that it can be seen that software can enter astronomy and influence it. One of the problems that photographers sometimes face is the happy situation and the amount of stage light, which if you do not have enough knowledge in this field, all the recorded effects are of very low quality; Therefore, one of the most important requirements for professional photographers is to identify the exact location of the sun. Calendar – Sun & MoonTitle is a unique application for determining the position of the sun and moon, which was developed by KB @ for Android and published on Google Play. This app is used to determine the position of the sun and moon around the world and helps you determine the time of sunrise and sunset, dusk weather, day length, moon phase and.. This smart app allows photographers to choose the best time to take their photos; In addition, it has a significant impact on the performance of astronomy enthusiasts because it provides the conditions to observe celestial objects with much higher accuracy by providing suggestions and setting appropriate times.

Some features and capabilities of Calendar – Sun & Moon Android app:

  • Position the stars at a specific point in the current time
  • The time of sunrise and sunset, the specific time for astronomy as well as the day
  • Determine when the moon is at its highest point possible
  • Calculate the best possible time to capture great images
  • Determine the current location by latitude or longitude
  • Forecast of the moon phase and its brightness

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Calendar - Sun & Moon