Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run V1.1.102 + Mod – Popular Android game of Cristiano Ronaldo’s running
Rated 4.6 out of 5.0 and downloaded more than 5 million times from the big Google market
Tested with offline execution

Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run is a popular and addictive running game from Hugo Games A/S studio for Android, which has been released for free on the Play Store and has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users worldwide, earning an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0, which is certainly not accidental. Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run is an endless runner title, where players must control Cristiano Ronaldo in the streets of France and try to achieve the highest possible score! Cars, walls, and footballers coming towards you are obstacles that increase in difficulty as the character’s speed increases with progression! You may initially dismiss this game because there are many similar examples in the crowded market of smartphone games. But you should give the game a chance to show its positive elements! One of the elements that has made the game attractive is the ball that Ronaldo carries while running; there are whistles in the game that can earn you points by shooting towards them!




The presence of rewards has set Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run apart from the monotonous rhythm that some games of this genre have. Throughout the game, you will encounter awards multiple times, which have various benefits for you. In addition, with the coins you receive, you have the ability to buy new clothes and shoes for the main character! From a graphical point of view, the animations of the main character running are smooth, and the environment is highly detailed. The music used in the game also effectively conveys the atmosphere of Euro 2016! Finally, it must be said that using important events of the world to create a product is one of the easiest marketing strategies. Hugo Games A/S studio has also tried to create a title with this theme, especially now that the competition between European teams is hot; a game that can be considered one of the best runners! Today, we at Usroid provide you with the latest and newest version of this game for free, which you can download with just one click.