Crossout Mobile – PvP Action v1.28.1.77291 – “Red Battle Line” Action Game Update for Android
A professional and entertaining game in the competitive genre with excellent graphics
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Crossout Mobile – کراس آوت موبایل is an entertaining game in the action and competitive genre that has been produced in a very well-made way and made available to users for free by the Hungarian studio, Gaijin Distribution KFT. Crossout Mobile is another action game that has been produced and released by taking inspiration from the Mad Max movie. Previously, games like caRRage and Metal Madness were also released in this genre, with very similar themes and structures. In all these games, you travel to a post-apocalyptic world where the earth has turned into a barren wasteland, and this has caused resources to become scarce. This event has led to a great war between humans. Humans turn their cars into deadly monsters and equip them with hot weapons to fight their rivals. In Crossout Mobile, you are also one of these fighters who must rise up against enemies to survive and try to save yourself from deadly dangers by destroying them. This game has a strong focus on building and personalizing cars. Players can buy different cars or customize purchased cars to create an exclusive vehicle. Everything depends on you. You can choose the type of weapons and use various tools such as armor and similar items.


Crossout Mobile


In Crossout Mobile, there are hundreds of different parts, deadly weapons, and numerous accessories that allow players to create millions of different combinations of these items, according to the developer’s claim! The style and overall context are in the form of team battles with 6 vs. 6. In these battles, there are two main objectives for each team, and if one of them is achieved, the losing team will be defeated. The first goal is to destroy all enemy vehicles. In this case, if a team can eliminate the opposing team members before they are destroyed themselves, they will win. In the second case, the goal is to capture the enemy’s camp. Each team has a main base, and if the opposing team members are present in that base for a specified period, that location is captured, and the first team will lose. The game controls are simple yet practical and professional. With the help of the virtual joystick on the left, you can move your vehicle around and aim at targets with the help of the right indicator. You can also zoom in on your target to have more accurate shots. By shooting at sensitive parts such as the engine of the vehicles, you can cause more damage to them, or by shooting at their tires, you can prevent them from moving. Crossout Mobile is designed with excellent graphics, and its 3D design details are similar to console titles. If you are looking for an entertaining, competitive, and action-packed game, don’t miss this beautiful and well-designed game and download it now from Usroid.

Additional Notes:

  1. To play the game, you need to use a low-traffic VPN to change your IP. Some IPs may not be supported in the game, so try other locations (such as the Netherlands or England).
  2. Please note that game servers may not be available at times due to high traffic. In this case, close the game and try running it again in a few hours.
  3. This version of the game is still in the testing phase and may not run properly on some devices.