Farmer Sim 2018 v1.8.0 Mod – Android-specific agricultural simulation game
The regular version of the mod version (unlimited money) is tested separately
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Farmer Sim 2018 is a new, very beautiful and very interesting game in the style of agricultural simulator games from Ovidiu Pop studio for Android , which was released for free on Google Play a few minutes ago, and as always, we decided to release it for the first time at USA Let’s introduce it to you and bring you joy again! The fascinating game Farmer Sim 2018 allows you to become a model farmer! In your different world, you can experiment with planting and harvesting agricultural products, raising livestock and domestic animals, driving and working with a wide range of agricultural machinery, and one of the most unique agricultural games on your device. Bring it! Farmer Sim 2018 Console and Excellent Graphics will completely immerse you in the real world of agriculture! Use machines such as tractors to plow your farmland, spray your seeds on the ground with a seed machine, and finally harvest the crop with yarn! If you are interested in agricultural simulator games, you can be sure that Farmer Sim 2018 game will attract your attention despite its small size!

Some features of Farmer Sim 2018 agricultural simulator game for Android:

  • Availability of a variety of vehicles and agricultural machinery such as tractors, trailers, etc.
  • A wide range of different products to harvest
  • Breeding of domestic animals such as pigs, sheep, cattle, turkeys and…
  • Global marketing to sell your agricultural products
  • Incredible weather system with day and night cycle
  • Three different control modes with the ability to select
  • Very beautiful design with a great build compared to the small size!

Game Farmer Sim 2018 in less than 1 hour ten times by Android users around the globe and has good rating of 4.7 from 5.0 to learn that we Usroid its first edition with Mood for download offer and we are able images of Watch the gameplay and finally, if you want, download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.

Modifications to version v1.8.0:

* Various optimizations and game problems


Farmer Sim 2018