FlashOnCall Premium (call and app) v10.0.1.1 – Android app for flashing when receiving calls and messages
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Undoubtedly, you are also familiar with LED notification lights; these LEDs indicate incoming calls or messages with different colors and provide notifications. However, unfortunately, not all smart devices use this method for notifications and do not benefit from notification LEDs; there are various ways to receive notifications, among which using the camera flash has better performance! FlashOnCall + is a unique program for using the camera flash as a notification, developed and published by Evgenii Chernov for Android. Simply install this smart application to be notified by the camera flash for any notification. Everything is adjustable, so the duration of the flash operation and the number of times it turns on and off are in your hands, and you will have complete control over it. In addition to activating the flash, the alarm and device vibration are also adjustable, and it can be said that FlashOnCall is an extraordinary software for comprehensive control over the way notifications are received.

Some features and capabilities of FlashOnCall+ Android app:

  • Display flash for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Support for flashing when receiving text messages
  • Set timing between notification flashes
  • Support for three different pre-set modes for flash
  • Adjust frequency and duration of flash activation
  • Support for notification of messaging apps such as Viber, Telegram, and more
  • Super customizable notification system for each app
  • Access to various widgets for quick activation of flash

The FlashOnCall + app has gained user trust with over 50,000 active downloads and its $1.49 price, receiving a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating from them. You can now purchase the latest version of this software without any restrictions with just one click from the high-speed servers of Usroid website.