Attention: This game is Iranian and its mod version has been removed in support of Iranian developers by Usroid, and the mod of the game will not be released.

GT: Speed Club – Drag Racing v1.15.02 – Racing game “Speed Club” for Android

An exciting and popular racing title for Android

GT: Speed Club – Drag Racing – باشگاه سرعت: مسابقات درگ is a well-made and graphic racing game in the drag racing genre, available for free on Android devices and produced by TOD Studio. The latest official version of this game has been reviewed and introduced to you for the first time in Iran by Usroid. This game is known as GT: Speed Club, but its full name is GT: Speed Club – Drag Racing / CSR Race Car Game, and as the name suggests, it is designed and produced in the CSR and Drag racing style. As you know, in the Drag racing style, which is very difficult and professional in the real world, you have to compete with another opponent in races that are usually two-person races. The skill of drivers in timely gear shifting is challenged in these races. Usually, in real drag races, cars are prepared for this type of race by making changes to the gearbox. GT CL Drag Racing CSR Car Game is an interesting simulator of this type of race that has a very good design. This game is made and produced by imitating famous and well-known titles such as Perfect Shift, CSR Racing, Racing Rivals, and Nitro Nation Racing. The first, most important, and only main point of Drag racing is timely gear shifting. If you do this too soon, the car’s speed and momentum will decrease, and if you do it too late, the engine may be under too much pressure and may stop working. To find the right time to shift gears and have a flawless shift, you need to check the engine speed each time you shift gears. This varies in different cars and can be said to require some time investment.


GT: Speed Club - Drag Racing


In the game GT: Speed Club – Drag Racing, efforts have been made to simulate the processes of a real drag race. These efforts have been taken into account not only in the game’s graphics, but also in its gameplay and dynamics. In GT: Speed Club – Drag Racing, you can improve your ranking and earn money by participating in races and winning them. You can then purchase better sports cars from the game’s store, which offers more than 65 different types of cars, or upgrade your own cars. The upgrade and customization sections of this game are designed very well. For example, you can tune your car, customize it with different colors and designs, or upgrade its technical parts using different items to improve its performance in races. This game has an interesting stage section that, unlike most similar games, has an overall story where you have to compete with other characters and defeat them one by one with the main character of the game. Although the designs of this game are all in HD and its graphics have many details, the game’s developers claim that GT: Speed Club – Drag Racing is accompanied by modern optimizations that can be experienced even on weaker devices. Overall, this game is a very good choice for fans of drag racing games due to its overall volume and appropriate content. You can download the latest version of this game from Usroid. With over 1 million downloads on Google Play, GT: Speed Club – Drag Racing has so far been successful in earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.