Homo Evolution: Human Origins v1.6.6 + Mod – Android game of arcade and evolution
Regular version + Mod version (with infinite money) separately
Tested and runs without any problems

Homo Evolution: Human Origins – تکامل انسان: اصل و ریشه بشریت is the title of an arcade game from the well-known and familiar studio AZUR GAMES, the creator of popular games such as Robot Warfare: Mech Battle and PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND, which has been released for free on Android devices on Google Play. The main nature of Homo Evolution: Human Origins game, as its name suggests, deals with the issue of human evolution, and your main task in this game is to evolve the human race and manage them in the best possible way. Apart from humans, you can also evolve other creatures and animals in other parts of the game. In fact, you have to create a small and exclusive world in this game and create a new generation of creatures and bring them to evolution and perfection! For example, you have to create a new creature by combining two humans or animals. In fact, with these combinations, you can create different and unknown creatures and increase the population of various races in this world and live in it. Homo Evolution: Human Origins game includes various sections and stages, including the embryo breeding and evolution of animals and humans. In another section, you have to focus on the evolution of civilizations and early humans and develop them. In the first part of the Homo Evolution: Human Origins game, you are placed in a small world and there are also a few creatures in this world. Your task is to increase the population and develop your world by combining, breeding and evolving creatures. The first creature you are dealing with is a small tardigrade. You have to create newer creatures by combining different races and then create and evolve a wider range of creatures.


Homo Evolution: Human Origins


In the game Homo Evolution: Human Origins, in addition to the section on human evolution, there are eight main sections, including TELEVISION, INTERNET, SPORTS, SCIENCE, TELEUNITY, VIRTUALIZATION, TRANSFORMATION, and POWER CULT. Each section has a main topic that you need to focus on to develop and evolve. The beautiful game of Homo Evolution: Human Origins uses simple and two-dimensional graphics. The designs of this game are cartoonish and fantasy-like, and its overall simplicity is evident. In the game’s designs, an effort has been made to use humor so that the seriousness of the game is less apparent and players can appreciate the game’s humor. Throughout the game, by earning more points and money and creating more creatures, you can access various items, including purchasable game items, or upgrade different sections. This game has received more than 5 million downloads on Google Play and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. You can now download the regular or modded version with unlimited money from the servers of Usroid. Build your own world and create a new generation of humans!