Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis v1.0.6 + Mod – Adventure and Puzzle Game “Ice Scream 7” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with mentioned features) separately
Tested and run offline

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis – جیغ یخی 7 دوستان: لیز is the seventh game in one of the popular arcade and horror mobile game franchises developed by the Spanish studio Keplerians Horror Games and released for the Android operating system. Following the success of previous installments, it seems that Keplerians Horror Games enjoys making more and more episodes for this series. As the first Iranian website on the web, we proudly announce that we have once again provided the seventh installment of this series exclusively, just like the previous parts, after reviewing and preparing it for you dear friends and companions, and have also prepared the latest version of it along with a separate modded version for free download. It should be noted that in other articles on Usroid, you can also download all six previous parts of this franchise and easily access the package of all titles in this collection, including Ice Scream 6, Ice Scream 5, Ice Scream 4, Ice Scream 3, Ice Scream 2, Ice Scream 1 along with their modded versions. To do this, simply click on the name of the games to be directed to the dedicated page for each part. Stay with us as we take a brief look at the main features of the seventh part, released under the name Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis.


Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis


The game Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis is a well-made and entertaining game that can be classified into various categories and genres. The main style of the games in this series has never been the same or fixed by its creators. However, overall, this series of games are mysterious-adventurous titles with scary, arcade, and even action themes. In Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis, the story follows the previous parts, and this time you will get to know the new character, Liz, alongside the previous main characters, including Mike and Charlie. Liz is one of the children who has been kidnapped by the negative character, Rod, and has been transferred to the famous factory of the Ice Scream game series. The game’s style, graphics, and process have practically no special changes compared to previous parts, especially parts 5 and 6. Therefore, if you have experienced the previous parts, you will not feel any difference in this version. The game is played from a first-person perspective, and you can move around freely with the help of a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. During the game, you will come face to face with more secrets and mysteries of Rod’s character and Sister Madeline’s character (the character of the Evil Nun game series). Your main goal is to find a way to join your friends and then exit this factory. Rod has various forces and guards in this factory, and if you encounter them, you will be in trouble. So you have to move forward calmly and according to the conditions. Of course, in Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis, new weapons have been added to the game so that you can temporarily get rid of enemies with their help. But it’s better to know that there is no way to permanently destroy enemies, and you can only stop them temporarily. We recommend that you experience the previous parts first to fully understand the game’s story and events. You can download Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis game right now in both regular and modded versions from the download box section of Usroid.

  1. Remove ads
  2. Ability to unlock Hints and receive rewards without the need to watch video ads
  3. Many traps
  4. Enemies do not attack