Idle Legion v1.0.97 + Mod – “Legion Battle” Tactical and Fun Game for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money) Separately
Tested with Offline Execution

Idle Legion – Battle of Legions is a simple yet highly entertaining and professional tactical game for Android devices, which has been released for free by the Chinese studio YOULOFT GAMES on Google Play. This studio previously released its products under the name Potting Mob, but with changes that occurred in the studio and its developers, its name changed to YOULOFT GAMES. Among the most important games made by this Chinese company are games like Crashing Escape, Planet Overlord, Fastlane 3D: Street Fighter, the series of games Dead Spreading, and most importantly, the popular and famous game Tales Rush, all of which we had previously introduced to you in other articles on the Usroid website. This time, as the first Android website in Iran, we have provided another interesting and special game from this creative studio for download in another article. The Idle Legion game, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, is a tactical game. Although YOULOFT GAMES has released this game in the category of entertainment games, the overall nature of this game is based entirely on the rules of strategic and tactical games.


Idle Legion


Idle Legion is actually a simulator of large-scale battles between great armies. In this game, an attempt has been made to recreate historic epic battles in a unique way. As the main focus of this game is simulating large armies with hundreds and thousands of different troops, it has numerous differences from a typical strategy game. You are in the role of legions that are supposed to participate in very large and special battles, and with the help of professional soldiers that you have recruited, you must fight against tough enemies. In Idle Legion, there is no news of close combat, fighting scenes, or anything like that, and everything is related to the battles of great armies on a large scale. This game is interestingly designed so that, according to the developer’s claim, more than 10,000 different stages have been considered for players in this game! Even if the game stages are similar to each other, this number is still very impressive and fascinating. In each stage of the game, you have to manage the battles of the game with military strategies and with the help of your troops, and try to make your army victorious on the battlefield. This game is recommended only for tactical and challenging game enthusiasts, and may not have a special appeal to ordinary players and may seem repetitive. To download the latest version of this game, you can go to the download box of Usroid and download its latest version along with a modded version from fast and free servers.