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Last Day on Earth: Survival in Persian ” Survival in the last day of the earth ” new, popular and entertaining game in the style of action games from Kefir Studio for AndroidWhich is offered for free on Google Play and with +50 million downloads is one of the most popular Action categories! Explore the atmosphere of the apocalyptic world, which is full of dangers and threats; Control a group of survivors and expand and strengthen your habitat and habitat! Build a group with your friends and try to stay alive! Experience absolute freedom when you build your base! Research new technologies, upgrade your weapons and take part in various battles to gain control over resources! Try to survive in any way you can! Build your base in complete freedom and also with the use of various items, create a protective cover to travel to different parts of the world, collect various resources for yourself or attack the habitats and habitats of other players. And experience one of the most beautiful Android action games! As soon as you enter the game Last Day on Earth: Survival, you find yourself in a zombie world and the first thing that comes to your mind is to survive! Yes… You are in a battle for life and you have to try to survive by collecting items around you. The national story of the game is related to the year 2027, when a deadly virus spreads around the world and turns those infected with this virus into the walking dead!


Last Day on Earth Survival 1.17.3


In Last Day on Earth: Survival – Survival on the last day of the earthYou take control of the main character and with the touch buttons on the screen you can move and interact with existing objects! There is also a wide range of enemies that you can defeat with your weapons and fists one after the other and be busy for hours! General features of the game include improving your skills by acquiring various weapons and tools, building a strong base to protect yourself and your resources, fighting a wide range of enemies and zombies, exploring new lands. Joining the front to increase excitement, connect with other players with a dedicated chat system and great design with addictive gameplay! In general, this game with its beautiful graphics, gameplay and atmosphere invites you to start a real battle in a real world; As a player, try your best to keep your hero alive, and then try to form an alliance with players around the world to progress faster.


Last Day on Earth: Survival


Play Last Day on Earth: Survival are now in the Play Store has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 that we Usroid the latest version of it along with the mode of action games have introduced you lovers! You can first see pictures of the gameplay and download it if you wish. Regarding the testing process, implementation and technical issues of the game, if we want to provide you with a detailed and useful explanation, we must say that the game is the last day of the earth. It is basically an online and server-based game that requires an internet connection to experience at any time and place. , and due to sanctions and internal filtering problems, you may encounter the error of “not communicating with the server” to enter. In this case, you must activate your filter-breaker.Regarding the availability of the game update, your presence should be announced that from the day the game was launched on Android mobile, Usroid introduced and offered it as the first Iranian website and regularly and accurately published it by the development team. The provider has updated and this process has been maintained by us and you are always able to receive the latest version and update from this page.

Additional and important points:

1 – The game is online and offline
2 – If you do not succeed in entering the game, activate your VPV or filter-breaker program
3 – Your progress in the mod version, in a folder named zombie.survival.craft.z in the path Android / data is stored in your device memory
4 – It is possible to transfer the mode progress to the original version, but your account will certainly be blocked because the game is under the server and the development team will notice this
5 – To download the latest game update always go to See this page.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the game data file and decompress it. Copy the zombie.survival.craft.z folder to the Android / Obb path of the internal storage.

– Run the game online.