Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles v5.41 + Mod – Addictive Puzzle Game “Mr. Shooter” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (with mentioned features) separately
Tested for offline play

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles – آقای تیرانداز: پازل های جاسوس is the full title of an incredibly entertaining and creative game from American studio Lion Studios, the creator of creative and acclaimed games like Weave the Line, Love Balls, Big Big Baller, and even the popular and engaging game Happy Glass, which has been released for Android operating system for free. Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles is also offered in the puzzle style, just like the aforementioned games, and interesting creativity has been used in it. Of course, another game called Bullet Master has also been released on Google Play, which has exactly the same gameplay style, but contrary to the views of some users who say that Lion Studios has imitated Bullet Master and produced Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles, it must be said that the story is exactly the opposite! Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles is one of those addictive games that you just need to run it and be forced to play several stages of it in a row! This game is so well-made and interesting that it can keep you entertained for hours. The different sections, each with dozens of stages, make this game, despite its simple appearance and small size, keep you glued to your Android device for long periods of time! Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles has been released with a simple idea, which of course cannot be said to be exclusive and has not been seen before. However, it must be said that with customization and expansion of this idea in the specific genre, this game has become an independent and attractive title, which as mentioned, has now also become a pattern for other games. In this game, which has very simple but very attractive graphics, you play the role of a special and experienced agent named Mr Bullet and have a mission to destroy various creative enemies and enemies in different areas.


Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles


The gameplay style of Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles is puzzle-based. The main character of the game is present in a section of the map in the image frame, while your enemies are standing in other locations. You must try to shoot the bullet accurately and with the least amount of shots possible, so that it hits all the enemies! Your gun bullets have the ability to bounce off walls, surfaces, and other obstacles, and continue to move until they exit the frame! In fact, these puzzles are physical puzzles, and paying attention to angles and similar issues is necessary to achieve success. Of course, the overall game is very simple, and most of its stages can be solved in less than a few seconds. As we said, you must pass the stages with the least amount of shots. Except for special stages that must have more than one shot, it can be said that almost all other stages of the game can be passed with just one shot! In some stages, there may be more than 10 enemies, but with accurate targeting, you can destroy all of them with one shot! Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles has several different sections that offer various challenges for you. In addition to shooting, there is also a section called Grenade, where you can destroy enemies by throwing grenades. This game also has another section called Mini-Game, which simulates a number game. In Mr Bullet, you can also unlock characters, clothes, and various items by earning points and money. This beautiful game with more than 5 million downloads on Google Play and a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 is now available in both regular and modded versions for you dear ones to download from Usroid and enjoy playing this beautiful game to the fullest.