Omega Legends v1.0.76 – Action game “Legendary Omega Fighters” for Android
An exciting and competitive game in the style of Battle Royale titles
Tested by running online

Omega Legends is a fun, exciting and highly competitive game in the style of Bethel Royale action games offered by the IGG.COM Singapore Games Company in competition with popular Bethel Royale style games, especially Fortnite and PUBG. If you are familiar with IGG.COM game development studio, you know that this company has almost all its focus on designing and making online and competitive games. While most of the games released by the company over the years, including Brave Conquest, Clash of Lords, Craft Legend, Mobile Royale and Castle Clash, were in the strategic style, but this time with a game different from other games in this We are at your service, Studio. The game in front of you is called Omega Legends, which is a completely modeled game, or rather, imitated from Fortnite. Everything used in the design of this game has already been implemented in Fortnite, and it is not clear why the creators of this game decided to make such a large copy. With all these interpretations and although this game is not really special in nature, but it has an attractive structure and very good features for a Battle Royale style game, among the best of which is its good and optimized graphics.


Omega Legends


Omega Legends tells a futuristic story of a world in which, due to the many advances that have taken place in various fields, including military equipment, a global game called Omega is formed, although the original goal was something completely different. But little by little, this goal turns from a game and entertainment mode into a big war. You are in the role of a hero of various characters who participates in this war with his teammates and tries to get out of this strange and unsettled situation successfully. In Omega Legends, you have to take part in lands that are completely involved in sectarian and civil wars and try to survive by looting resources, facing threats and defeating enemies. There are several different characters and heroes in Omega Legends, each with special and unique abilities. The legendary Omega Fighters game can be played in several different modes, but the most important part is the Battle Royale group fight. Just like Fortnite or other Battle Royale games, in Omega Legends you start the game by jumping from a special plane and landing at a point on a fairly large map. As soon as your foot hits the ground, you have to go to the various houses you see around you and loot the game items to find weapons, equipment and practical kits. After that, you have to look for the players of the opposing team in the map and try to destroy them before they destroy you. Omega Legends game with good graphics and 3D modeling is a fun and very good game for people interested in action and Battle Royale games. To get more acquainted with this game, you can watch the video of its trailer from the relevant section, and then, if you wish, download the latest version of it from Usroid.

Additional notes:

  1. Game servers are not available for Iranian players. Change your IP before running the game.
  2. Except for OBB data, in some cases it may be necessary to download in-app updates to run the game.
  3. There is no mod or hacked version for this game.


Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.