Rebels and Redcoats v1.6.6 – Strategic and attractive game “Rebels and Red Jackets” for Android + Data
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Rebels and Redcoats – Rebels and Red Riding Hood is another well-crafted and professional strategy game by HexWar Games Ltd Studios that seeks to satisfy players from all over the world from the previous games of this studio and optimizes and features More interesting has been published. The game is very similar to other HexWar titles such as Hold the Line: The American Revolution , Peninsular War Battles , Civil War: Gettysburg , 1775: Rebellion , or A 1812: The Invasion of This means that if you’ve played any of the studio’s previous games, you’ll be able to manage Rebels and Redcoats very quickly. This time, HexWar Games has gone to the American Revolution and, in addition to several other games of this period, has produced another title and called it Rebels and Red Riding Hood. The naming is related to the battle and series of clashes between Native American and American rebels against the domination of the Red Coats (British Royal Forces) that began in 1775. During this period, the American colonies, along with their indigenous allies, revolted against the British Empire and drove them out of the United States through great wars and battles to achieve their independence. In these battles, which, of course, began sporadically a few years ago, the British tried to seize more territory than the United States and dominate strategic areas. But when the Europeans, especially France and Spain, invaded the United States, they went to war with Britain, which in turn helped the Americans win the war. This long war lasted more than 7 years until it ended in 1783.


Rebels and Redcoats


Now in Rebels and RedcoatsYou can experience the events of this great war in the form of a game and fight the battles that actually took place in this game. HexWar Studios is trying to reflect the reality of these historical wars, so you can see the historical events that took place during the war during these games, including Rebels and Redcoats. In this game, various battles have been reconstructed that can be played in the form of various campaigns. You can play the role of forces on both sides of the war, the Americans and the British. There are more than 20 different stages in Rebels and Redcoats with different stories. In Rebels and Redcoats, you can use a variety of forces and soldiers (more than 25 models) to excel in battle. Style and style of play are like common titles in strategic style. You can check the game steps on the map and see more details by zooming in. To win this game, you have to use tactics and war strategies well and use your forces appropriately. Rebels and Redcoats offers an interesting way to analyze battles that allows you to better manage the details of the gameplay and your decisions. This beautiful and professional game has just been testedUsroid is ready to download. You can see the game images first and then get the latest update of the purchased version from the download box.

Changes to version v1.6.6:

* Release the first version for Android operating system



Instructions for installing and running the game:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.hexwar.rebelsandredcoats folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal memory.

– Run the game.