Shadow of Death 2 v2.16.0 + Mod – An exciting action game “Shadow of Death 2” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (infinite crystals and souls) separately
Tested with offline execution

Shadow of Death 2 – سایه مرگ 2 is a sequel to the popular game Shadow of Death, which has been produced and released with more optimizations and evolved gameplay. The creator and developer of this game series is the Vietnamese studio Bravestars Games, which had previously gained great popularity with the release of the Stickman Revenge game series. Now, with the production and release of another amazing action title, they have once again placed themselves among the main competitors in this genre of games. Usroid introduces this game to you, as the first Iranian website to do so. Shadow of Death 2, with the full name Shadow of Death 2 – Shadow Fighting Game, has been released on Google Play and other sources. As the name and title of the game suggest, the main style of this game is in the Shadow Fighting genre, a subset of the Hack n Slash style of games. In Shadow of Death 2, which is a continuation of the first part, you play as the hero and main character of this game series, Maximus, who is a highly skilled warrior. Due to an unknown incident, Maximus has lost his memory and only knows one thing, which is to destroy the enemies who intend to destroy the land of Aurora, where he lived with his family. Now, as a deadly warrior in the darkness, he wants to hunt down the monsters and enemies that have been threatening the land of Aurora for a long time. In Shadow of Death 2, you can take control of 4 different characters of special and powerful warriors, and start the game with the character of your choice.


Shadow of Death 2 - Shadow of Death 2


In the game Shadow of Death 2 – Shadow Fighting Game, we are faced with a more advanced and professional combat system. A system that brings a very amazing experience of Hack n Slash-style fights for you. In this game, you can use different skills in the battle against enemies and hit stunning and incredibly exciting combos! The excellent graphic design and extraordinary destructibility give an incredibly action-packed feeling to Shadow of Death 2 – Shadow Fighting Game. Although the shedding of enemies’ blood and the dismemberment of monsters are scenes of violence, they provide a great thrill for players interested in action games. In this game, you go to dark and different locations and face dozens of types of enemies, from monsters to big and deadly demons, which require a lot of courage to confront. Alongside ordinary enemies, there are also big and very scary bosses that will be your main challenge. Throughout the game, you can use different weapons and customized items and create unique action scenes. Shadow of Death 2 also has an incredibly popular and beloved online PvP section, which is almost nonexistent in all other similar games. So don’t hesitate and download this incredible game, along with its modded version, now tested from Usroid. We also recommend that you take a look at the trailer video and screenshot images for a better understanding of the game’s style.