Sky Champ: Monster Attack v8.01.58 + Mod – A Different Arcade Game, Sky Champion, for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money = Free Purchase) Separately
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Sky Champ: Monster Attack – Sky Hero is an interesting arcade game in the style of retro games like classic and a subcategory of Galaxy Shooter games, developed by Spirit Bomb game studio in Vietnam and released for free. Numerous games have been released in this field, and Usroid has provided several selected games for users, such as Sky Force Reloaded and Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. But this time we want to introduce a similar game with even more unique features to you. Sky Champ: Monster Attack is just like famous games in this genre, an arcade game and a game made based on classic titles of this genre. However, the creators of this game have added the RPG or role-playing style to this game with an interesting move! In addition to the main gameplay section, which is related to space battles between galaxies and warships, you must collect your own team by using different creatures and upgrading them, just like role-playing games. In fact, it should be said that every character you can unlock has unique features such as their own unique weapon. If we want to explain this combination of styles better, we should say that Sky Champ: Monster Attack is a combination of two styles, Retro Space Shooter and Monster-Collecting RPG. In this game, your enemies are demonic creatures that have attacked towards the earth through space, and you have to collect and employ these monsters to fight against the enemies and defeat them in space battles. The game has dozens of different items to unlock and dozens of other items to upgrade various sections.

Some features of the Sky Champ: Monster Attack game for Android:

  • Retro-style graphics and pixel art with modern designs
  • A combination of Retro Space Shooter and RPG gameplay
  • The ability to find and collect various monsters to use as powerful allies
  • Over 100 levels in both campaign and solo modes
  • Very attractive visual and sound effects
  • An endless challenge mode for setting high scores
  • The ability to use various special abilities and power-ups
  • The ability to evolve monsters
  • The ability to upgrade different parts of the spaceship with over 100 tools and items

Sky Champ: Monster Attack is known as one of the best games in this genre due to its numerous features. The game’s creators claim that after experiencing this game and understanding its superior features compared to similar games, you will prefer it over others. Sky Champ has been downloaded over 1 million times on Google Play. The game has also earned a good rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 and has attracted the attention of many players. What are you waiting for? Download this exciting action game now in both regular and modded versions (with unlimited money) from Usroid and experience it on your Android phone or tablet.


Sky Champ: Monster Attack