Solitaire: Cooking Tower v1.4.8 + Mod – Card Slutter Game: Android Cooking Tower +
Ordinary Version Trailer + Mod Version (Open Skins + Boosters Instead of Decreasing, Increase)
Tested without any problems

Solitaire: Cooking Tower – Solitaire: Cooking TowerThe title of an interesting and entertaining game in the style of card games, which has been published by the Korean game development studio Sticky Hands Inc for Android devices. Passor games have always been very popular with gamers and have their own fans in every age group, especially those passer games that have something new to offer users! Solitaire: Cooking Tower is actually a single-player passer game to which a new story twist has been added. In Solitaire: Cooking Tower, in addition to the classic Carter Solitaire game, a restaurant-building mechanism has also been added! In this game, you will successfully receive stars and coins in each solitaire course, which will allow you to open a new restaurant in your tower or improve the menu of the current restaurant. The more courses you take at Soliter, the taller your tower can be and the more restaurants you can build. Of course, restaurants aren’t just for the decoration and beauty of your tower, they help you get more stars, so you need them. But keep in mind that the taller your tower, the more responsible you will be, and the shorter the distance you will need to visit your tower to get more stars.


Solitaire Cooking Tower


In Solitaire: Cooking TowerThere are a variety of themes for restaurants, including cookies, cupcakes, hot dogs, tacos, Chinese food, Indian food and more. In addition, you can personalize your card category and experience more attractive gameplay. There are a variety of themes for the cards, including the cute Nazi kitten, the bunny dog, the flower blossoms, and so on. Winning the Solitaire game is not as difficult as you might think, there are four categories of cards in the game: clay, courier, heart, coriander. These cards are initially dealt and must be arranged in small and large order in the appropriate categories, according to the rules of the game. simply! All you have to do is play this game for a few seasons to get fully acquainted with it. All of the game’s functions are performed by tapping and moving your finger on the screen of your device. In terms of special effects, the animations are attractive and the game environment has a beautiful and eye-catching graphic space. Although the game has a very simple design, its addictive gameplay allows each user to spend their free time with Solitaire: Cooking Tower. This popular game has been installed with more than 500,000 installationsScore 4.4 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and the Usroid team hasdecided to make this game tested and completely free for you dear ones. At the end of this article, you can watch the introductory video and screenshots of the gameplay to get more familiar with this game and download it from our servers if you wish. I hope you enjoy this beautiful game!