Space Wingmen v1.8.5 + Mod – Action game and arcade “Space Pilots” for Android + trailer
normal version + mod version (unlimited money) separately
tested with offline execution

Space Wingmen – Space Pilots is the name of a very fun and exciting game in the style of space shooter games (Space Shooting) is one of the classic arcade games developed by the Korean studio Dreamplay Games, the creator of games such as Underworld: The Shelter or Real MotoProduced and developed for free. Usroid also invites you to a fun and exciting challenge by preparing the last version of this game along with its modded version! To date, hundreds of different titles have been produced and published in the style of space shooter games, and all of them are offered in almost the same style and are very close in terms of gameplay, but the attractiveness of these games can not be ignored. . That’s why these classic games are usually not among the games that become repetitive and boring very quickly. One of the main reasons is that Shoot’em up style games are generally classified as leisure games, which means that you can play these fun games whenever you feel bored. And get excited. Space Wingmen is the same, and its features are the same. This game with the full name of Space Wingmen:


Space Wingmen


Space Wingmen : Stylish Arcade ShootingProduced with minimalist designs and attractive neon graphics. The neon colors and color effects used in this game have a wonderful feeling. Therefore, we can accept the constructive claim that this game is stylish and say that the game of space pilots is really a game with a special and attractive style. In this game you have to take control of a warship and invade space! Your task is to use a variety of weapons against multiple enemies. Space Wingmen: Stylish Arcade Shooting has more than 100 challenging stages. Apart from the main stages, there are also interesting points in the Space Pilots game, in which you only have to seek more points by collecting points. In this game, you can upgrade your warship and buy more powerful ships to deal with enemies. This arcade and fun game with optimized graphics and its small volume can be run well on mid-range and weaker devices. By earningA good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 This game has registered more than 10,000 downloads in a short period of time. Screenshots and video trailers and game introductions will familiarize you well with the style and context of this lovely title. If you want to download this game, you can easily download the latest update along with the modded version with unlimited money from Usroid .

Changes in version v1.8.5:

* Reset the difficulty level of steps 6-2 and 7-2