3C Toolbox Pro 2.5.2e – a wonderful Android toolkit application with over a hundred useful tools!
Score 4.7 out of 5.0 and price 6.79 on Google Play and free on Usroid!     

3C Toolbox Pro is the most comprehensive, complete and powerful toolkit available for Android devices, offered by 3c Studio for $ 6.79 on Google Play, and with thousands of purchases, it is one of the top Android tools, and as always, it has decided We have introduced the latest and the latest version of it at the same time as it is published and we will provide it to you! By installing the 3C Toolbox Pro application on your device, you can get complete tools from the Battery Monitoring Widget, Optimizer, Monitoring, Backup, File Manager, File Editor, Amplifier, Access Settings, Managing Applications with Application Tools, Restarting Have the phone and apply special processes on it and the shape together in the form of a small app and use them indefinitely! If you are looking for the most complete and best set of tools for your Android device, do not miss the wonderful 3C Toolbox Pro application, because by installing it, you will be amazed and it will work to install some programs that are installed on your phone. Delete is!

Some features and capabilities of 3C Toolbox Pro Android application:

  • Automatically and manually back up information and programs
  • Ability to delete the default programs installed on your phone in batches and individually
  • View and evaluate CPU, network and memory usage
  • Close applications that use large amounts of CPU and RAM
  • Ability to restart the phone and APN
  • Read Log cat on Jelly Bean phones
  • Manage apps that run when you turn on your phone (START UP)
  • Having a text widget with different sizes to manage program capabilities
  • Display battery, CPU, memory and temperature information in the status bar
  • Having a memory booster and cleaner task
  • Optimization of applications and databases
  • Sysctl and Buildprop editors in basic and advanced mode
  • Ability to set access point priority
  • Easy DALVIK cache and cache cleaning
  • Find your battery drain schedule fast
  • Transfer applications from memory card to memory or vice versa
  • Ability to copy, paste, delete, transfer and extract files in batches and individually
  • Change the permissions of files and folders + dozens of other features


The 3C Toolbox Pro application, despite being monetary, has been very well received and has had more than 50,000 sales to date, and has been able to obtain an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0. We provide you with a direct link in Usroid that you can download with one click.


3C Toolbox Pro