AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack v2.1.3 + Mod – Exciting arcade-action game “Solar Squad” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
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AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack is another game from the Shoot’em up and Galaxy Shooter category developed by ONESOFT studio. For the first time among all Iranian websites, it is introduced and published by Usroid. The Singaporean studio ONESOFT has a great interest in making arcade games with the theme of space wars. All the games published by this company have a classic and retro style. Games such as Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter, Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, Falcon Squad – Classic Shoot’em up, and Dragon shooter – Dragon war are among the most famous games made and released by this studio, which we have previously introduced on Usroid. This time, we have another similar game in the same genre from the same developer to introduce. The game we are talking about is called AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack, which is available on Google Play. The word AFC stands for Air Force Combat and refers to aerial battles. Like similar games that had a completely cliché story, this game has a repetitive story, but a different approach can be seen in its storyline, which is remarkable and perhaps very interesting.


AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack


In the game AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack, like any other game in this genre that relates to the battle between humans and space creatures, you must go to space battlefields and use all your power to destroy enemy jets and spacecraft. But this time, your enemies are not just alien creatures! According to the game’s story, the galaxy is drawn into a great war, where on one side, humans have risen up against alien creatures by creating a large alliance and intend to minimize their presence in planets near Earth. Although it seems that we should always go to the aid of our own kind, the story in AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack is a bit more complicated. Humans not only intend to push back space creatures, but they also intend to take power and conquer the galaxy. The power struggle between these two enemies is escalating, and almost everything is on the verge of destruction. Now, as a hero who seeks to create stability and prevent the destruction of humanity, you get to work and prepare to fight this war alongside humans who think like you. Your group is called the Solar Squad. Most of your battles against alien creatures, but humans who intend to conquer the galaxy will not be satisfied with your decision to stop this war and will call you an enemy or possibly a traitor. So it’s better to prepare yourself to face many enemies. In AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack, you can buy and upgrade different models of fighter planes and use various items throughout the game. Although the structure of the Solar Squad game is very similar to other games in this genre, according to the developer, different graphic techniques have been used to create this title. The gameplay of the game is very enjoyable and exciting, and it will be attractive and exciting for fans of this type of game. The latest version of this game, along with a mod version, is available for free download from the Usroid download section. AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack, with a score of 4.3 out of 5.0, is one of the popular games of this studio and even belongs to the arcade genre.