Army Academy – Alpha is a new and very beautiful game with excellent 3D graphics in the style of fun and action games for the Android operating system , which is offered completely free of charge. This game, which is one of the most popular and top games with a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 in the Play Store, puts you in the role of a lovely soldier who has to do his best by performing various missions in amazing places. Make yourself bigger! In this game, you are initially in the role of a small soldier who has to go through various stages and various coins to make you bigger and entertain yourself for hours.

You are exciting places to play out and get busy with all sorts of different animals including snakes, spiders and drones will be faced with tasks such as jumping, swimming and cross safely pass them.

Some features of Army Academy – Alpha Android game:

* Play in three amazing, exciting and stunning environments

Going through 63 completely different steps to grow

* Availability of +20 different achievements to increase the excitement of the game

* Ability to play multiplayer (multiplayer) and challenge friends

* Availability of coins to unlock new items in the game

* Use different tools to destroy enemies and cross obstacles

* Having great graphics due to its small size + very good sound

If you are interested in addictive fun games, Usroid , as the first Iranian website, has put a very beautiful game Army Academy – Alpha for you, which you can download for free by reading the rest مطلب


Download Army Academy - Alpha - a fun game of Army Academy Android




Download Army Academy - Alpha Android APK - NEW



Download Army Academy - Alpha Android APK - NEW