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Clash of Clans – کلش آو کلنز is a popular and incredibly beautiful online game in the strategic game genre from Supercell for the Android operating system. With a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 and more than 500 million downloads from the Play Store (Google Play – Android Market), it is one of the most popular Android games that has been released for free. In this game, you must build a unique village with the tools available, give it prosperity, and dominate other villages in various wars and come out victorious in battles between tribes. You have the opportunity to build your own village and empire according to your taste . Of course, building a village is not that easy, as various enemies attack you when there is a shortage of tools, and you must suppress them with your strategy. In this game, if you strategically plan your buildings from the ground up and install walls correctly, you will undoubtedly defeat the enemy, and of course, in the attack, your victory or defeat in a battle entirely depends on your strategic attack. The game takes place entirely online, and if it does not make you addicted and dependent on it, you are lucky! You are facing various villages in the game and competing with other users around the world, bringing the most addictive and exciting strategic game experience to your Android phone!

Some features of the Clash of Clans Android strategy game:

  • Ability to create a unique and customized village by the player
  • Ability to battle with other online users and earn points to unlock items
  • Ability to defend the village with tools such as cannons, towers, missiles, bombs, traps, and walls
  • Earning gems for advancing levels, attacks, and excellent tasks
  • Ability to fight the King of Gen in various epic battles
  • Ability to play multiplayer with friends
  • Ability to purchase various equipment by collecting points from victories in battles
  • Having desirable HD graphics with professional sound
  • Ability to buy diamonds through various Iranian and international websites
  • Ability to participate in desired clans and play with friends
  • Ability to send various heroes to clan friends
  • Ability to create exclusive clans by you and gather members
  • Support for live languages including sweet Persian

If you are interested in online strategy games, I recommend not to miss the addictive game Clash of Clans and download the latest version for free and directly from Usroid and have hours of fun. If we want to name one of the most popular and addictive strategy games on Android that everyone knows these days, and as soon as its name is mentioned, words like “attack” and so on begin, the beautiful name of Clash of Clans shines! 🙂

Additional notes:

2 – It is an online game
2 – The game cannot be hacked and does not have mods – for security reasons, refrain from installing mods with custom servers from other sources
3 – Usroid publishes the latest versions of this game as soon as possible, so don’t forget to download the new version of Usroid!
4 – Avoid commenting with content about selling Clash of Clans accounts, etc. as your comment will not be posted.


Clash of Clans