Clash of Clans v14.211.3 – The new and big update of the popular game “Clash of Clans” for Android!
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Clash of Clans – Clash of Clans is a popular and extremely beautiful online game in the style of strategy games for the Android operating system , which has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 and more than 500 million downloads from the Play Store (Google Play – Android Market) from It is the most popular Android game that has been released for free. In this game you have to build a unique village with the available tools, make it flourish and dominate other villages in different wars and come out victorious in different wars between tribes. You have the opportunity to build your own village and empire to your liking .Of course, building a village is not so easy, because when there is a lack of tools, you will be attacked by different enemies that you have to suppress with your strategy. In the above game, if you lay down the foundations of your buildings and build the walls correctly, you will undoubtedly defeat the enemy, and of course the same is true in attack, whether you win or lose in a battle is all about strategic thinking. Your attack depends. The game is played completely online, and if it doesn’t depend on you and you don’t become addicted to it, you have a chance! In the game, you will encounter a variety of villages and compete with other users in the world, and you will experience the most addictive and exciting strategy game on your Android phone!

Some features of Clash of Clans Android strategy game:

  • Ability to build a unique and custom village by the player
  • Ability to fight with other online users and get points to open items
  • Ability to defend the village with tools such as cannons, towers, mortars, bombs, traps and walls
  • Get the jam in exchange for advancing the steps or attacking and doing great things
  • The possibility of fighting the king of jinn in various epic battles
  • Ability to play multiplayer and multiplayer with friends
  • Ability to purchase various equipment by collecting points by winning battles
  • Chat and send messages with friends or online users around the world
  • Having the desired HD graphics along with professional sound
  • Possibility to buy diamonds through various Iranian and global sites
  • Ability to participate in favorite colonies and play with friends
  • Ability to send all kinds of heroes to your fellow colonial friends
  • Ability to create custom clones by you and collect people
  • Support for the world’s living languages, including the sweet Persian language

If you are interested in online strategy games, I suggest you don’t miss the addictive Clash of Clans game and download the latest version for free with a direct link from Usroid and entertain yourself for hours; If we want to name one of the most popular and addictive Android strategy games that everyone knows these days, and until its name comes up, the words “hit” and “start” will make the beautiful name Clash of Clans shine! 

Additional points:

1 – Usroid will release the latest versions of this game as soon as possible, so don’t forget to download the new version of Usroid!
2 – Clash of Clans game does not have a mod, hacked version and unlimited money and… that is connected to the main server and do not install the hacked version of the game.
3 – Do not record comments with the content of the sale of Clash of Clans account and. Because your comment will not be registered in any way.


Clash of Clans




* How do I know which of the installation files in the download box is right for my device ?!

To find out the CPU of your device, install the CPU-Z software and find out which of the arm or arm64 files with x86 you need from the program as shown below: