Dark Riddle v24.4.0 + Mod – Action and Adventure Game “Dark Mystery” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (Unlimited Gold) separately
Tested by running offline

Dark Riddle – معمای تاریک is the original version of the Dark Riddle game series, known as the first game in this collection. The Ukrainian studio PAGA GROUP developed this game for the Android operating system and released it for free to users worldwide on Google Play. After the release of this game, a retro and classic version of it was also released under the name Dark Riddle: Classic. We have also published this version in another article on Usroid. By clicking on the name of the game, you can enter the Dark Riddle: Classic page. These two versions have the same story, and the main difference is in the game designs. The Dark Riddle game, which is considered the original version of these two, is the complete version with relatively better graphics and designs. This game is made and designed with inspiration from famous games such as Scary Stranger and Hello Neighbor, and has a similar and close process to these titles. Stay with Usroid to get familiar with this game and tell you its overall story.


Dark Riddle


Dark Riddle tells the story of a mysterious and hidden event in a small town. You play the role of a curious teenager who decides to uncover the hidden secrets of your neighbor. As it seems, your neighbor, who is a rude man, is doing strange and supernatural things. He has special devices for communicating with aliens and extraterrestrial beings. You secretly enter your neighbor’s big house as the main character of the game and intend to investigate these strange events. But you have to be careful because your neighbor notices your presence and searches around the house to find you. You have to try to discover the secret of this house by solving various puzzles and puzzles that have special mechanisms. In the face of the negative character, you either have to escape or throw apples at him to confuse him for a while so that you have enough time to escape. The gameplay style of Dark Riddle is first-person and you can move around on the screen with the help of virtual controllers. All models in the game are 3D and the graphic design style of the game is cartoonish and animated. Although the overall nature of the game seems childish and entertaining, the game developer has set its age rating above 10 years. Although this game is fantasy, it can be violent for children. Dark Riddle has been successful in registering more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. To download the latest version of this game, simply use the direct links on Usroid.