Deeprealm Odyssey v0.1 + Mod – Awesome action game “Deep World Odyssey” for Android +
regular version trailer + mod version (unlimited money) separately
tested with offline run

Deeprealm Odyssey – Deep World Odyssey is the name of a very attractive and arcade game in the style of action games from the well-known studio Invictus Games Ltd. Hungary is the first version of which was released on Google Play in November 2019, and Usroid has prepared and introduced this game at the same time as its release, and has arranged it along with its modded version for you dear ones and regular companions. Is. Invictus Games Ltd is the maker of many popular works, most notably Race of Champions , Daytona Rush , Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 , Give It Up 2 and Angry Neighbor.We had introduced and published it in Usroid. According to the mentioned games, it can be seen that this studio has covered various styles, but in general, most of these games are considered as arcade. Deeprealm Odyssey, whose full name is Deeprealm Odyssey – Adventure game, is no exception to this rule. Deep World Odyssey is a completely fantasy and arcade title that is modeled on classic platformer style games. In this game, you are going to go on an all-dangerous adventure in the role of the main character, a fighter from a sacred place called Fox Temple. There is a very strange, mysterious and eerie place called Deeprealm, which is an underground world in the far east. By entering this dreadful and dark world, this fighter intends to set a new destiny and complete the mission entrusted to him in the best possible way.


Deeprealm Odyssey - Adventure game


In Deeprealm Odyssey – Adventure gameYou have to enter this deep and underground world, follow several steps to pass the missions of the main character of the game. As mentioned, Deeprealm is an underground world and the general nature of this game is to go to the lower parts of this world. With the same theme, the gameplay style has been formed! Starting the game, you have to jump down from different platforms and destroy many enemies along the way. Of course, your work will become more difficult and challenging despite deadly obstacles and traps. In these long routes, there are many points that you can collect and buy other items from the game store with the money and points earned. The creators of Deep World Odyssey say that the stages of this game are different each time a new performance is performed, and the elements of each stage are completely unique. Deeprealm Odyssey – Adventure game has been very well made and excellent in terms of graphics. Although the game modeling and design are all two-dimensional, but the graphic details and spectacular effects in this game make this game to be held on a professional level. It should be noted that Depprealm Odyssey has the ability to run at 60 frames per second! This promises a very smooth gameplay for players. At the end of this article, you can easily and quickly download the latest version of the Deep World Odyssey game along with its modded version in a tested form fromDownload Usroid .

Changes in version v0.1:

* Release of the first trial version (Early Access) on Google Play.