[Drivemode: Safe Messaging And Calling For Driving v7.5.20 [Premium – Smart app for using the phone while driving Android
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One of the main causes of accidents or road accidents is the use of smart devices by drivers; Because sometimes they are distracted by answering calls or text messages. According to the police, in the first step, using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, but if you have an urgent need for your device, it is better to use smart assistants! Drivemode: Safe Messaging And Calling For Driving PremiumThe title of a smart application is the use of an Android phone while driving, which was developed by the big company Drivemode, Inc. and published on Google Play. In a simple explanation, it can be said that this software is a suitable solution for answering calls or short messages while driving, which reduces the risk of any accident to zero. The voice navigation system used in the program provides the conditions to execute various commands without looking at the screen and enjoy a safe driving to the fullest. In addition to answering incoming calls, you will be able to easily manage the music being played. Due to having a unique coding, this application is activated completely automatically when connecting the device to the car Bluetooth and provides you with management options. So, if you are looking for an accident-free driving, read on.

Some features and capabilities of Drivemode: Safe Messaging And Calling For Driving Android app:

  • Reply to a message or text with voice commands
  • Perfect management of your music player
  • Ignore incoming calls or messages if you enable the special mode
  • Fantastic mode for auto-reply to incoming text messages
  • Automatically activate or deactivate the app when connected to the car Bluetooth
  • Dedicated configuration for your personal car
  • View the exact date and time of your driving
  • Get personalized driving advice based on your calendar and favorite places
  • Great options for less accuracy on the smartphone screen!

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Drivemode Safe Messaging And Calling For Driving Premium