Earthquake Network Pro – Realtime alerts v13.3.20 – Comprehensive Android Earthquake Alert Application
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One of the most devastating natural disasters is an earthquake, which takes the lives of thousands of people annually in different parts of the world. Unfortunately, scientists and geologists have not been able to accurately predict earthquakes, and can only become aware of them a few seconds before they occur. Earthquake Network Pro – Realtime alerts is the title of a comprehensive program in the field of earthquakes and real-time alerts, developed and published by Francesco Finazzi for Android. This program is based on an earthquake research project and has been developed to create a real-time alert system based on Android phones, and with its alerts, it tries to save the lives of different people before an earthquake occurs. Earthquake Network Pro uses the accelerometer sensor of the device to detect earthquakes, and as soon as an earthquake is detected on a device, it alerts all surrounding devices and informs them of the occurrence of the earthquake. You can easily connect to a group of people near the site of the earthquake and talk to them about the resulting casualties. If you find yourself in a bad situation, you can request help so that your friends can reach you in a short time.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Earthquake Network Pro – Realtime alerts Android app:

  • Real-time earthquake detection using smart phone network (only for strong earthquakes)
  • Receive alerts several seconds before the earthquake reaches your location
  • User reports on felt earthquakes
  • Automatic email and SMS with your geographic location in case of being trapped under rubble
  • Data support for earthquakes from international seismographic networks
  • Chat rooms for exchanging information during emergency situations

Earthquake Network Pro – Realtime alerts app, as a unique earthquake alert program, has achieved a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 with its $2.99 price. You can now download the latest purchased version of this app completely for free from high-speed servers of Usroid.


Earthquake Network Pro - Realtime alerts