Three Kingdoms Rush v1.5.1 + Mod – “Three Kingdoms Battle” Fun and Entertaining Game for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money) Separately
Tested for Offline Play

Three Kingdoms Rush – Battle of the Three Kingdoms is a simple, clever, and entertaining game in the casual genre with various elements such as management and card games that has been produced and released for free. The developer and publisher of this game is the Chinese studio, tinyStar, which has presented this game with in-app payments. As the first Iranian website to publish this game, Usroid invites you and enthusiasts of casual games to download and install this game. Three Kingdoms Rush has very simple designs in its graphics and gameplay, but this simplicity does not make the game any less entertaining. Of course, if you are not a fan of this type of game, you may get tired of it quickly, but according to the feedback from the audience and players who have downloaded and experienced this game, Three Kingdoms Rush is actually very entertaining and interesting. The main focus of the developers in this game is to design simple but captivating and challenging conditions. Three Kingdoms Rush is actually a combination of three main styles: card games, management, and clicker games. Throughout this game, you will compete in simple battles in the form of card fights. What you need to do is choose and manage the characters and their skills correctly throughout the game.


Three Kingdoms Rush


In the game Three Kingdoms Rush, there are dozens of unique and diverse skills. You can form a team of 180 hero characters available in the game (which is interesting and noteworthy in itself) to fight. These characters are all from three different kingdoms, which the game’s story revolves around their battles. All character designs, graphics, and animations used in the game are fantasy-like and similar to East Asian manga and anime. In Three Kingdoms Rush, you can create new heroes by combining cards or characters. You can also manage game items such as characters and their skills and upgrade them in several sections. The main criterion for winning battles in this game is paying attention to the opponent’s features and performance. You must create suitable conditions to confront them based on these features. It should also be noted that in the gameplay section of Three Kingdoms Rush, your timing skills and quick reactions are also well challenged. Overall, it can be said that the battle of the three kingdoms game, despite its simplicity and lack of complexity, can be both entertaining and challenging! So if you are interested in experiencing this game, first get familiar with its gameplay and overall concept by watching the trailer video or screenshots, and then if you wish, download the latest version of it along with a modded version from Usroid.