Kill Shot Bravo v12.3.1 – The incredibly exciting sniper game “Deadly Bravo Shot” for Android
A special and enjoyable sniper game with good construction
An online game
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Kill Shot Bravo is a new and incredibly beautiful sniper game with stunning HD graphics and addictive gameplay from Hothead Games studio for Android devices. Its latest version was released for free on the Play Store a few hours ago and has been downloaded more than 50,000 times by Android users worldwide within a limited time. This popularity has undoubtedly been achieved through the studio’s previous game, Kill Shot! In this game, you play as a special forces soldier who must complete challenging missions and destroy all enemies one by one with deadly weapons at your disposal. Kill Shot Bravo has several advantages over Kill Shot, including aerial missions, more and newer weapons, multiplayer mode, alliance formation, better design, and more diverse locations. We recommend this game to all fans of sniper games; if you are a fan of sniper games, undoubtedly the stunning graphics, excellent sound, addictive gameplay, and overall construction of Kill Shot Bravo will impress you.

Some features of the Kill Shot Bravo Android game:

  • Includes over 200 challenging and different missions
  • Advancing missions in various locations such as forests, the Mediterranean Sea, and…
  • Providing various vehicles to advance stages and missions
  • Moving in the environment to find the best hiding place and eliminate the target!
  • Various different enemies with unique abilities and powers
  • Game in multiplayer PVP mode and testing shooting skills!
  • Possibility of forming alliances with friends and global users to increase the excitement by a hundredfold!
  • Possibility of customizing the avatar and main character of the game by the player
  • Stunning HD graphics, truly exciting sound effects, and addictive gameplay

Kill Shot Bravo game now has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 on the Play Store and has been downloaded more than fifty million times by Android users worldwide. We at Usroid introduce the latest and newest versions available for the first time in Iran to you, action and role-playing game enthusiasts, and hope you enjoy it.

Note: New versions of the game cannot be hacked – if a mod is available for the new version, it will be added to the download box [please do not ask about this matter].


Kill Shot Bravo