March to a Million v1.1.0 + Mod – Simulation and management game for developing Android singing talent
Original and paid version + Mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

March to a Million – Moving to become a millionaire (cultivating singing talent) is another amazing work of the famous Japanese game studio Kairosoft Co., Ltd, which, like its other games, has a special charm and is very unique! In the old Usroid content, we had introduced other games of this successful game development company. To access other games made by this company, click on this linkclick. March to a Million is an interesting work of art whose main theme is the discovery of singing talents. In this very small game, you play the role of the manager of a talent agency and the owner of a music studio. In fact, you have entered a business trip in this game and you have to manage it well from the beginning to the end. To get started, you need to find special talents by ordering ads and searching among the various talents, and by hiring them, you can help them develop their skills. Then you have to train your forces and prepare them for big events. A great singing talent competition is underway and you, as one of the main competitors among talent search agencies, should go to this competition and introduce the singers you have discovered and nurtured to try their luck at participating in these competitions. ! To do this, after practicing and mastering your artists, you need to prepare them for an audition. If you have done your job well, your representative artists can take the next steps and enter this great and exciting competition!


March to a Million


March to a Million game prize winnerMillions of dollars, and when your representative wins, it’s really up to you to win this award! Of course, this is just the beginning. After selecting these people, your main job begins. By preparing music albums and holding various tours, you should work to attract more fans and make your artists famous! The more fans you have of your artists, the more job opportunities you will create for making and releasing music albums and concerts, and this is how you can earn a professional income. March to a Million is an interesting simulator and a management game. There are so many parts to the game that you need to manage your point of view! For example, you should engage in professional activities by personalizing and managing your office. You should expand the activities of your artists among the people and make them popular by holding live performances. March to a Million game, just like other games of Kairosoft studio, is one of the very different and interesting games that a good idea has been used in its construction. This beautiful game has been purchased and downloaded more than 10 thousand times on Google Play. Also rate this gameThe score is 4.0 out of 5.0 . Like other games released by this studio, now you can easily download the final and paid version of March to a Million game along with the modded version from Usroid serversand enjoy this different management game!

Changes in version v1.1.0:

*  Added support for Korean and Chinese languages