Racing in Car 2 v1.3 + Mod – Attractive and graphic car racing game “Machine Race 2” for Android
Ordinary version + Mod version (a lot of money) tested separately

Racing in Car 2 – Car Racing 2 is the name of an interesting and entertaining game in racing style and the second title in the series of Racing in Car games is the product of Turkish studio Fast Free Games. Usroid presents the latest version of this game along with a modded version of it and invites you to download another interesting and entertaining game. This is a beautiful game based on popular titles such as Traffic Tour , Traffic Racer , Traffic Fever , Car In Traffic And. Is modeled, in fact, in a style called traffic. This game, like the example games, takes place on the streets and highways inside or outside the city, and the presence of other city cars is the main point of the story. Racing in Car 2, while an exciting and competitive game, is actually a fun game where there are no challenging and competitive stages and missions or sections, and this game has a major part in general. This section is an endless section whose main priority is to record better records. Your job in Racing in Car 2 is to ride your car on the streets, highways or freeways on a straight, winding, straight path, passing through other cars and crossing them. Get ahead. Viracing between cars and passing the closest distance to them are things that can give you special privileges.


Racing in Car 2


In Racing in Car 2As mentioned, there is no specific goal or stage or mission, and this game is actually a fun and record-breaking title. The further you go in the game, the more other cars will be present and the more challenging the situation will be. You have to be very careful because with the slightest collision with these cars, you will be a loser. So the first principle in Racing in Car 2 is not to collide with other cars. The style of play is very simple but at the same time well-crafted. Although the overall gameplay is very well designed, unfortunately, the lack of various options such as the ability to change the look of the game or how to control the cars makes this game a little strict. The game is followed from the first person view and from inside the car, and you can see yourself from the first person view and from the windshield. Game control is also designed with the help of the gyroscope sensor, and to move around you, you have to tilt your phone or tablet to the right or left. On the right side of the image is the virtual button on the accelerator pedal and on the left is the brake pedal button. The gearbox of all cars is automatic and you don’t need to change gears and all you have to do in Racing in Car 2 is bite, brake and control the car around and overtake other cars. By making money, you can buy better cars or unlock more maps. Racing in Car 2 is currently being testedUsroid is ready to download. It is interesting to know that Racing in Car 2 is one of the most popular and popular Android games with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play!

Changes to version v1.3:

* Add 2 new cars
* Add a new map (location)
* Add horn and headlights
* Improve graphics and environmental details
* Improve the sound of car engines
* Add new soundtrack
* Add 12 new languages ​​to the game
* Fix * Minor bugs and multiple optimizations