Racing in Car 2 v1.7 + Mod – Exciting and Graphic Car Racing Game “Car Race 2” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (lots of money) separately
Tested by running offline

Racing in Car 2 – Car Racing 2 is an interesting and entertaining game in the racing genre and the second title in the series of Racing in Car games produced by the Turkish studio Fast Free Games. Usroid invites you to download the latest version of this game along with a modified version of it. This beautiful game, inspired by popular titles such as Traffic Tour, Traffic Racer, Traffic Fever, Car In Traffic, and more, is actually offered in the traffic genre. Like the aforementioned games, it takes place on the streets and highways inside or outside the city, with other city cars being the main point of the adventure. While Racing in Car 2 is an exciting and competitive game, it is actually a skill game that has no levels, missions, or challenging and competitive sections, and this game has only one main section. This section is an endless section, the main priority of which is to set better records. Your task in the game is to drive your car on the streets, highways, or different freeways in a straight path and without any turns, pass through other cars, and overtake them. Maneuvering between cars and passing through the closest distance to them are things that can earn you special points. By advancing in the game and overtaking more cars, you can earn money.


Racing in Car 2


In the game Racing in Car 2, as mentioned, there is no specific goal or mission, and this game is actually a skill and record-breaking title. As you progress in the game, more cars will be present and the conditions will become slightly more challenging. You must be very careful because even the slightest collision with these cars will make you lose. Therefore, the first principle in Racing in Car 2 is to avoid colliding with other cars. The gameplay is very simple but well-made. Although the overall game is well-designed, unfortunately, the lack of various options such as the ability to change the game’s view or the way the cars are controlled makes this game a bit rigid. The game is played from a first-person view and from inside the car, and you can see yourself from the front windshield. The game control is also designed with the help of a gyroscope sensor, and to move around you need to tilt your phone or tablet to the right or left. A virtual gas pedal button is embedded on the right side of the screen, and a brake pedal button is on the left side. The gearbox of all cars is automatic, and you do not need to change gears, and all you have to do in Racing in Car 2 is to accelerate, brake, control the car around, and overtake other cars. With money, you can buy better cars or unlock more maps. Racing in Car 2 game is now available for download, tested by Usroid. Interestingly, Racing in Car 2 is one of the most popular and popular Android games with over 100 million downloads on Google Play!