Rage Road v1.3.8 + Mod – Very fun action game “Road of Rage” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlocked + Unlimited money) individually
tested with offline execution

Rage Road – Another action and minimalist action game from SayGames, the maker of works by   OnPipe  ,  Jelly Shift  ,  Perfect Slices Hoop Stars  ,  Sand Balls  and  House Paint.Has been released for free on Google Play. SayGames game company is famous for making and releasing small, minimalist and fun games, which has published dozens of extremely popular titles so far. Rage Road is another of these interesting and entertaining games that in this article from Usroid website, we intend to introduce it and present its latest version along with a modded version exclusively for you dear ones. Rage Road game, like other games in this studio, has a simple and fun style. In this game, you are in the role of a special agent from an organization who, after a large and sensitive mission, is now being chased by enemy forces. In the role of this agent, you must try to escape from the enemies and reach a safe place. But it will not be easy and convenient, so prepare yourself for a dangerous and very exciting adventure. But the situation is not as you think! The protagonist is a skilled and brave agent who does not give up so easily!


Rage Road


On Rage RoadNot only will you have a simple escape, but you must also destroy the enemies that are following you. Each stage of the game begins with you being behind a pickup truck and the car moving automatically. Your enemies move towards you from behind with different cars and shoot at you as soon as they approach you. You, who are normally covering, have to get out of the cover with important schedules and shoot at the enemies. To do this, when you want to shoot at enemies, you have to keep your finger on the screen to get out of the cover. Then it’s time to shoot at the enemies with a gun. To do this, you need to shake your goal and focus on the goals. Certainly shooting at enemies will kill them sooner. But more interesting things can be done on Rage Road. For example, you can shoot car tires, cause them to turn left and destroy all their occupants, or you can blow up enemy vehicles by blowing up explosive items. With the money you earn from each stage, you can buy various items such as weapons, characters or other personalization items. Rage Road has become one of the most popular action and arcade games with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. You can now play this game as normal or mod from serversDownload Usroid .