Sea Monster City v15.0 + Mod – Role-playing and managerial game “Sea Monster City” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested by running offline

Sea Monster City – شهر هیولاهای دریایی is another entertaining game from the Bangladeshi studio Tap Pocket, which has previously produced other interesting games such as Dragon Battle and Shark World. This studio has a great interest in creating management and role-playing games, especially games related to the world of monsters, dragons, and … and has so far released several almost similar games in these genres. In almost all of these cases, you have a similar task and you have to collect, breed, and manage monsters in an attractive and fantasy world. In Sea Monster City, this studio has gone to the depths of the seas and oceans, and in it, you have to collect sea monsters, which are often imaginary creatures, in an interesting and entertaining game and build a group of them. Sea Monster City game follows two main parts. The first part, which is the more extensive and complete part of the game, is the main part of the game, in which you have to create an exclusive collection by finding various breeds of sea monsters. At the beginning of this task, you can either find the eggs of these monsters or find them when they are babies and add them to your collection. Then, you have to grow and evolve the monsters by breeding them. Each monster can evolve through several stages and turn from a cute little creature into a wild and big monster!


Sea Monster City


In the game Sea Monster City, after you have collected enough sets, it’s time to go to the second part and the exciting section of the adventure! In the section of the game Sea Monster City known as Battle, you must see the result of your efforts in the battles that await you! In these battles, your team’s monsters, which have now grown and become more powerful, are placed against other monsters and fight them. The stronger team you have and the more powerful monsters you have raised, the more chances of winning you have in these competitions and battles. This game has interesting features, one of which is the ability to crossbreed these monsters’ races and bring a new monster into the world! You can create a different and unique monster by combining the DNA of two different monsters in the form of Crossbreed. By following the game, you can earn money and points to buy game items or unlock more maps. Overall, this game has attractive features considering its volume and can be entertaining. The game’s graphics are completely cartoonish and fantasy, but it has good details. The creators of Sea Monster City have tried to entertain you with an interesting and different view by simulating an interesting world of seas and oceans. So if you are looking for a relatively different title and enjoy management and role-playing games, Sea Monster City may catch your attention. If you wish, you can download it, which has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play and has also succeeded in obtaining a score of 4.4 out of 5.0, in both regular and modded versions from Usroid.