Speed ​​Test & QoS 3G 4G WiFi v2.10.4 [Unlocked] – Android internet speed test application with unlocked
version with access to all features presented to you dear ones

One of the constant problems of Iranian users is low internet speed and lack of bandwidth, which has become one of the constant problems of web enthusiasts. In Iran, various companies offer high-speed Internet, and mobile phone operators have recently become a tough competitor for these companies. There are several ways to choose the best service provider, one of the best of which is speed testing tools that by comparing different parameters you can choose the best company to receive services. Usroid site as the best Persian language Android site so far has provided various software to test the speed of the Internet for you dear ones, which we intend to introduce one of the best in this post. Speed ​​Test & QoS 3G 4G WiFi Full Unlocked as a great app forIs a comprehensive internet speed test developed by nPerf.com and published in Android markets. With a simple look at the set of features included in this program, it can be considered one of the best and highest quality network testing tools that explores various options; From download and upload speed to test video, all videos are available to the user and can be used without any restrictions. According to your needs, a set of different servers in different countries is available to users that you can measure your speed according to them and receive comprehensive and complete information. All tests performed are stored in the Speed ​​Test database, which you can view and compare with each other at any time.


Speed Test & QoS 3G 4G WiFi


Application Speed Test & QoS 3G 4G WiFi has managed to top the Pramkanat most software testing network connections Score 4.7 from 5.0 in the midst of thousands of users ratings Google to hand that can now newest version unlocked the program Get access to all features from Usroid site.