Throne: Kingdom at War v5.1.1.704 – Strategic Game “Crown: Battle of the Empire” for Android Trailer
A popular and attractive strategic game from Plarium LLC
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Throne: Kingdom at War –  Game of Thrones: Battlefield Empire is a fascinating and exciting strategy game developed by the reputable Plarium LLC gaming company and available for free (with in-app payment) on Google Play. Users are right. Plarium’s best-known works include Family Zoo: The Story , Undersea Match & Build , Lost Island: Blast Adventure , Stormfall: Rise of Balur, and the popular Vikings: War of Clans game cited. This time, in this article from Usroid site, we decided to introduce another well-made game of this company to serve you dear ones. Throne: Kingdom at War is about bloody battles and wars between several different groups over power. Where several parts of a kingdom rise up for power and go to war with each other in order to reach the throne. The timing and theme of this game is related to the Crusades in the heart of Europe. When different kingdoms were present in Europe and many of them started a great war to gain power or conquer the neighboring empires. As one of these groups, you will enter this competitive field and strive for power. To do this, you need to prepare your account and form an independent empire. You have to get help from the peasants and start building different things.

Some features of Throne: Kingdom at War Android game:

  • Attractive graphics and designs
  • Well-crafted and dynamic gameplay in strategy style
  • Interesting and exciting sounds
  • Beautiful simulation of the Crusades
  • Reconstruct and design dynamic and epic battles with other players around the world
  • Ability to build an exclusive party or group
  • Ability to join other players’ groups or parties
  • Ability to build and develop an empire with different sections
  • Ability to build and manage various structures, including a stronghold
  • Ability to use different forces in different categories such as knights, spearmen, shooters, cavalry, besieging forces, watchdogs
  • Ability to build and use a variety of different weapons and tools
  • Existence of multiple missions to achieve specific points

Throne: Kingdom at War is a well-crafted and graphic game that has a lot of content compared to its volume. In Game of Thrones: Battle of the Empire You enter into exciting, epic and very dangerous battles. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In the main part of the game, the upcoming battles, just like a professional player, you must use effective strategic tactics to deal with opponents. Also, don’t forget that your enemies are around you and there is a chance that they will attack you at any moment. So always have the right measures for your defense systems. Attractive and entertaining game and of course competitive Throne: Kingdom at War is currently being tested by Usroid is available. With more than 1 million active installs on Google Play, the game scored 4.2 out of 5.0 .


Throne: Kingdom at War