[Tingles ASMR – Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds v3.4.0 [Premium] – A New Technique and Method App for Android
The full and premium version of the app, valued at $239.99, is now available for the first time on Persian language websites.

If you take a look around, you will see that human life is becoming more and more complex and adding to people’s concerns day by day. Nowadays, it is rare to see someone who can have peace of mind at the end of a working day and go to sleep without thinking! In view of this, developers have started working and have released various tools, many of which follow a specific process. However, in this post, we intend to surprise you by introducing a special software. Tingles ASMR – Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds Premium is the title of a new Android app for achieving peace of mind, which has been developed by Tingles, Inc and released on the Google Play Store. According to the developer’s description, this app can be much more effective than mindfulness tools and white noise! This software is a unique collection of soothing videos that not only stimulate the auditory system but also help you receive more positive energy by viewing the screen. The available video collection includes sounds of nature and those made by humans, which play an important role in achieving peace of mind. Every day, millions of people enter this app and within a very short period of time, they distance themselves from any negative energy and stress. It is better not to miss this unique program and stay with us to get it in the following article.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Tingles ASMR – Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds Android app:

  • Access to thousands of relaxing videos and sounds
  • Ability to listen to sounds while the screen is turned off
  • Download videos for offline playback
  • View the most effective videos for achieving relaxation
  • Chat with artists who create relaxing videos
  • Help with treating insomnia and reducing stress
  • Increase user attention and focus

The Tingles ASMR – Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds app has been able to receive a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users with thousands of downloads and in-app purchases worth $239.99, thanks to its diverse features and capabilities. You can now download the latest premium and complete version of the app from the popular website Usroid.


Tingles ASMR - Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds Premium