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Transformers: Earth Wars in Persian ” Transformers: Battle of the Earth ” is a popular and entertaining game in the style of strategy games from Backflip Studios for Android devices.It has been released for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 10 million times by Android users around the world and is one of the most popular strategy games! The fate of the planet Earth is in your hands; You are the one who will decide to try to save the earth or try to destroy it! Create a powerful team of giant robots such as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee and many more and head to the battlefield; Decide if you will play a role in the team of despots or atobats! Prepare an impenetrable base and equip it with a variety of items so that the enemy cannot use it as a weakness against you! In Transformers: Earth Wars, you will be able to take part in mercenary wars and defeat the opposition with authority! If you are interested in strategy games You are online, which despite its good design has a small volume and can create an exciting competition among users around the world, without a doubt Transformers: Earth Wars is a good choice!

Some features of Android Transformers: Earth Wars strategy game:

  • Choose from two different groups to your liking
  • Build an impenetrable castle using advanced Cybertronian technologies
  • Ability to chat with online users around the world
  • Stunning 3D graphics with beautiful animations

In the game Transformers: Earth WarsYou can build a space bridge and bring support forces from Cybertron to Earth, Megatron and his attacking team, who are other despots, have invaded Earth; They are trying to destroy the Earth’s natural resources to gain energy because transmitters need this type of fuel to survive! Resist. The battle on the planet has begun, and the despots have come to earth as the biggest threat the planet has ever seen. Which one are you a fan of ?! The game has beautiful 3D graphics along with exciting gameplay; Filled with the spectacular skills of automobiles and desktops, it can bring a unique experience to your Android phones and tablets! There are a variety of characters in the game, such as Atobat and Desptikan, each with their own characteristics. Build your impenetrable base and deploy your countless forces so that you can defend the ground against the invading forces! Now we are in Usroid , we have put the latest version of the game for download, which you can choose, download and install according to your wishes, and finally work for hours!

Additional points:

1 – In the initial run of the game Transformers: Earth Wars, two processes of syncing or Installing content take a few minutes to complete; So be patient
2 – Game Online and with Internet connection and without the need for software to bypass the sanctions (fillet-Rshkn) without a problem comes up
3 – In case of publication updated Transformers: Earth Wars; Quickly put on the same page for download; So keep this page in mind
4 – The ARM installation filerequires SAI software to install– Check the APKS installation file from within the app and click Install.
5 – Mod feature: Modify the offensive release skill, the energy consumption is 0


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