Tropical Forest: Match 3 Story v2.15.5 Mod – Puzzle game “Tropical Forest” Android Trailer
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Tropical Forest: Match 3 Story Puzzle game name Extremely beautiful from DG CEDARTREE PROJECT LTD studio in Cyprus, the first public version of which was made available to Android users on Google Play in April 2019. In this adventurous game you will travel to a beautiful and tropical island. Where it is a beautiful place for people to have fun. The island has been a spectacular place for a long time, but it has lost some of its popularity due to some problems. As an adventurer, travel to this area and use the tools and items that will be available to you to manage the island as professionally as possible to bring it back to its heyday. In this clever adventure, Benny will accompany you. Many areas and parts of the island are deserted and you are the one who can turn this island into a tourist and attractive area by giving a new spirit to these places! To do this, you need to rebuild damaged buildings, shops and docks, decorate different places with new and quality tools, and solve the island’s problems one by one. Take a tour and explore new places and the cozy and unfamiliar areas of the island. There are hundreds of hidden and fascinating secrets in the heart of nature of this beautiful island that are waiting to be discovered! There are also many prizes, including jewelry and valuable treasures, and finding them will greatly help improve the gameplay.


Tropical Forest Match 3 Story


In addition, Tropical Forest: Match 3 Story will also tell you an interesting story. In addition, the game has a section for puzzle entertainment, during which you have to solve the colorful puzzles that are made of tropical fruits and earn points by punching similar fruits. There are many options for you in the decoration and personalization section. For example, you can give a stylish and beautiful look to the tourist areas of the island by choosing stylish wooden tables and chairs. Also, a funny panda character and an experienced sailor will help you in the story section and discover the secrets of the game. Use their tips to make the right decisions. This beautiful game with colorful designs is a suitable suggestion for all ages, especially children, so that by doing it and solving puzzles, they can be both entertained and challenged. Usroid provides you with a normal and modified version of this juicy and puzzle game in a tested way so that you can easily download them from our high-speed servers if you wish! Finally, it’s worth noting that the game is one of the most popular puzzle games with millions of downloads and 4.4 out of 5.0 .