Vikingard v1.8.53.c71f32e5 – “Vikingard” strategy and role-playing game for Android
The official game of the popular series Vikings, produced by Netease Games Global
Tested with online gameplay

Vikingard – وایکینگارد is the official game of the famous TV series Vikings on Netflix, released as a strategic and role-playing title in the Casual games category for the Android operating system. The responsibility for creating, developing, and publishing this game belongs to the multinational company Netease Games Global, and it took them more than two years to make it. Netease Studio has previously released similar games, including titles such as Diablo Immortal and The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, which are their most important ones. Netease is a reputable company with high capabilities in creating and developing mobile games, and it is one of the main priorities of film and TV production companies to develop and offer official versions of their series and movie games in this way. In March 2022, after a long wait and a relatively long delay, Netease Games Global finally designed and released the trial, official, and final version of the Vikingard game, which is based on the story and characters of the Vikings series. This game is designed in the main Casual style with management, strategic, and role-playing elements. Some of the strengths of this game include its detailed graphics and exemplary designs. Stay tuned with Usroid to learn more about the general features of this game.




The game Vikingard is a Crossover game based on the Vikings series, presenting the main events of the series in the form of a game. In this game, you will experience epic adventures in the world of Vikings, playing as the main characters of the series, including Lagertha, Rollo, Floki, and most importantly, Ragnar. Throughout the Vikingard game, you have various tasks and missions, including conquering other lands, raiding rival tribes, and developing and expanding owned lands, among others. There are hundreds of different troops in this game that you can use to strengthen your army. You can also choose different popular and famous Viking characters as commanders for your armies. Vikingard is designed with excellent graphic details, and character modeling and environmental details are at the level of console games. Therefore, installing it on mid-range and weak devices is not recommended. You can download the latest version of this game from Usroid now and build your own Viking army and fight for honor! To learn more about the style and context of Vikingard, you can watch the trailer video or screen shots and then download the game installation file from the Usroid Download Box.

  1. The Vikingard game is only available online and cannot be played offline.
  2. The game servers are accessible through Iranian IP addresses. However, if you are unable to run the game correctly, you must first change your IP address.
  3. In addition to the integrated data provided with the installation file, other additional data will be received from within the game.
  4. Vikingard is never modded or hacked.