After Burner Climax v0.1.7 + Mod – Classic and Airplane Game After Burner: Climax for Android
Original version + Mod version (unlocked and ad-free) separatelyTested for offline play

The famous company SEGA, which has been in professional activity for almost three decades, has always been one of the top gaming companies. By offering the Mega Drive console series, this company became one of the most powerful gaming companies and introduced a new generation of gaming consoles to the world. After the end of the Sega console era, the company continued to produce and publish video games. For several years now, SEGA has expanded its activities in the field of mobile games. Recently, the company has released a ported and remastered version of its classic games in a unique collection called SEGA Forever classic games collection. After the successful reconstruction and release of several exclusive games such as the Sonic series, the company is now reconstructing more of its classic and popular collection games. The beautiful and very popular game After Burner Climax from the After Burner series, whose first official version was released in the 1980s (1987) for the SEGA AM2 console, is another classic and famous game of this Japanese company that has now been released for mobile phones and the Android operating system. In the game After Burner Climax, you play the role of a fast and well-equipped military jet pilot and have to engage in aerial battles with other jets and fighters in the sky. During the game, you can earn special points and have many achievements, and then use them to prepare for the next stages. The 3D graphics and design, and of course, the use of cartoon elements from classic games, make this game visually appealing and nostalgic. On the other hand, the smooth and entertaining gameplay, inspired by the eternal gameplay of this series of games, will provide you with a unique experience of flying with military jets.

Some features of the Android game Arcade After Burner Climax:

  • More than 20 challenging stages and battles
  • Availability of fighters like F-14D Super Tomcat, F-15E Strike Eagle, and F/A-18E Super Hornet
  • Customization of fighters with 4 different paint schemes including standard, stealth, and more
  • Travel to over 20 different locations around the world such as over forests, mountains, volcanoes, and more
  • Presence of hidden locations and secret stages
  • Ability to use special pilot skills and abilities
  • Ability to perform aerial maneuvers such as barrel rolls and loops
  • Consists of three different modes (Arcade Mode, Score Attack Mode, Climax Mode)

As we mentioned, After Burner Climax game has three different sections with different titles, each with its own unique feature. We at Usroid have prepared this game for you dear users as soon as it was released publicly. You can refer to the screenshots of the game below for more information and easily download this exciting game from Usroid’s high-speed servers if you wish.

* Various optimizations and problem-solving for the game


After Burner Climax


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.sega.afterburnerclimax folder to the path Android/obb of the internal memory of the device.