Alien Impact v3.8 + Mod – Puzzle and Brain Teaser Game “Alien Adventure” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested for offline play

Alien Impact – Adventure of Aliens is a puzzle and mystery game in the adventure and thriller genre, with the full name Escape Room Adventure Mystery – Alien Impact, which has been produced for free by HFG Entertainments studio in India and released on Google Play. Usroid the first Iranian website that publishes this game on the web, has made it available for download in both regular and mod versions. The adventure of aliens has a simple but entertaining and interesting story that can engage any player, especially those interested in puzzle and mystery games, and even challenge their minds. The main nature of the Escape Room Adventure Mystery – Alien Impact game is a combination of a storyline with various characterizations along with a puzzle and mystery gameplay, in which players must solve puzzles and follow the game’s storyline by finding clues for these puzzles. The main style of the game is Point and Click titles, which are made and designed with the nature of games and titles to escape from an area. Based on these descriptions, it can be understood that in this game, you play the role of the main character, and by solving interconnected puzzles and following a storyline, you try to escape from the area where you are likely trapped.


Alien Impact


The story of the game Escape Room Adventure Mystery – Alien Impact revolves around the main character, who is a trained alien creature. This alien is actually a secret agent whose mission is to collect confidential and important information from planet Earth. He is prepared for this task, and his mission is to infiltrate the human base to obtain important information from them. However, due to the events that occur, the situation gets out of control, and everything takes a different turn. Now, you must play the role of the main character and escape from the laboratory where you are trapped as a prisoner and continue your adventure in a different way. Along the way, there are many puzzles and riddles, and the only way to move on to the next stages of the game Escape Room Adventure Mystery – Alien Impact is to solve these puzzles. What awaits you? Will the mission of this alien creature be successful or will it face failure? What is the fate of this scientific-fictional and futuristic story? To answer these questions, you must follow the game and leave its story behind. In terms of graphics, it should be said that the game Escape Room Adventure Mystery – Alien Impact has good designs despite its simplicity. Among the advantages of the game, we can mention its sound effects and environmental designs that convey a good feeling to the audience. To download this game, you can go to the download section of Usroid and download the latest version of it from the site’s fast servers.