ARP Guard (WiFi Security) v2.6.7 [Unlocked] – Paid and unlocked version of Android Wi-Fi network protection application
worth $ 1.49 presented to you dear ones

With the daily expansion of network tools; Hackers also have more programs to hack and bypass Wi-Fi networks; With a simple connection to their target Wi-Fi network, they can obtain important and security information from users. You may have heard of the most popular ways to break into a network and steal information such as hacking, killing Wi-Fi, stealing cookies or spoofing things! These are the most common attacks that pose a serious threat to security. ARP Guard (WiFi Security) Paid Unlocked as a program to protect the Wi-Fi network and prevent hacking for Android devicesPublished by First Row programming studio on Google Play. This security software with a set of various tools helps its users to best protect their Wi-Fi connections and prevent anyone from connecting to them without permission. It is enough to make the slightest attack on the Wi-Fi network so that you will notice and block any way of intrusion. If the security of your Wi-Fi connection is important to you, do not miss the ERP Guard and follow us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of ARP Guard (WiFi Security) Android application:

  • Protection against any network attacks that start with arp spoofing, arp poisoning
  • Use three different modes in the program (alert, no vulnerability, recovery)
  • Automatically turns off the Wi-Fi network when detecting attacks from a non-rooted device
  • Different modes of attack notification ( vibration, sound, notifications containing information about the attack)
  • Protect network connections in superuser mode
  • Ability to take advantage of features permanently
  • There were no ads in the app environment

Application ARP Guard (WiFi Security) according to their importance in the field of secure connections WiFi able to pay in-network $ 1.49 Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 achieved that can now most new unlocked version of the software Download for free from the high-speed servers of Usroid site.