B1 File Manager and Archiver Pro v1.0.088 – Professional and powerful Android file manager Professional
version without ads for you dear ones

B1 File Manager and Archiver Pro Professional file manager with support for various rich features for Android phones It is published by Catalina Group for free with in-network payments and we intend to introduce the full version. By supporting a variety of features, this software allows its users to freely access all their files in 38 formats and easily manage them. You have access to both internal and external memory and manage your files with options such as copy, transfer, delete, rename and…. One of the top features of this application among its hundreds of capabilities is the support of a smart and fast search speed; So that among thousands of your files, you can quickly search the name of the desired file and see it only in a fraction of a second. The technology used in this software enables everyone to run all kinds of audio and video files with different management options without the need for additional programs. In addition, you will be able to easily connect to your own FTP server to manage your file extensions and manage your files on an FTP server via your Android device. The above program has unique capabilities and abilities that you can read more about with Usroid.

Some features and capabilities of B1 File Manager and Archiver Pro Android application:

  • File management by accessing various management options
  • Access the list of files in internal and external memory, USB memory and cloud servers
  • Supports a variety of cloud servers such as Google Drive, Dropbox and…
  • Transfer, delete, copy, paste , rename and view file and folder details
  • Select multiple files and folders simultaneously
  • Fast and intelligent search of files
  • Run all types of audio and video files in different formats
  • Create bookmarks for quick access to files and folders
  • Different filters to display files with specific extensions
  • Unlimited storage account support!
  • Supports FTP and smb servers
  • Compress different files and put a password on them
  • Ability to run compressed files protected by password
  • Supports non-Latin compressed files

With support for a variety of management options, the B1 File Manager and Archiver Pro app has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by millions of votes from Play Store users by paying within its $ 1.99 network, which is now the latest professional version without ads site Usroid downloaded.


B1 File Manager and Archiver