Certainly, having a professional and versatile calculator on any phone or tablet is one of the most important programs that every professional user needs. Because the calculators that exist by default on Android devices, are not able to perform heavy calculations at all, and even in some of them, the simplest calculations and mathematical symbols such as; There is no “percentage” and “root”. Today in Usroid, we offer you an arithmetic machine that is completely different from all the calculators that you have installed on your Android device to date. This stylish and professional calculator called  CalcTape Smart Calculator will be offered to you, this program is definitely one of the best in terms of beauty, heavy calculations, efficiency and effectiveness… One of the most important features of this ProgramWhat distinguishes it from all its similar programs is the invoicing and store system of this calculator, which you will undoubtedly fall in love with after installing it. Another notable part of this beautiful calculator is that it is notebook mode, which means that you can easily write a description in front of the number or digit you enter, however. Feature You will have a complete notebook with the ability to perform mathematical calculations that will reduce any errors in your calculations to zero. On the other hand, the beautiful font of this calculator in the arrangement of mathematical operations and the dedicated, professional and completely perfect keyboard of this program will induce a good feeling to the user, who will undoubtedly become a regular customer of the next versions after installing it.


CalcTape Smart Calculator


The next feature of this calculator is its computational editing system, which in a very simple way, allows the user to edit and change his calculations. From this point of view, having this feature, CalcTape Smart will be comparable to a complete accounting software. If reading the text above, you feel that this powerful calculator can meet your needs of a professional calculator, download CalcTape Smart Calculator with one click from Usroid .