Calculator Lock – Lock Video & Hide Photo – HideX v3.5.4.2  – Lock photos and videos VIP version and complete program

Our phones are a rich source of our personal and private information. We use these devices to communicate with each other, do office work, record private and family photos and videos, keep in touch with others, keep documents, do banking, and so on. This widespread use causes a huge amount of our private information to be dumped on these devices. Many users do not care about the security of their phone and think that locking the phone can fully ensure its security. While in many cases, such as when we lend the phone to someone, our information may be available to others or when the phone is stolen, others can connect to the computer to access all of our information. Therefore, we need to use more advanced methods to protect information.Calculator Lock – Lock Video & Hide Photo – HideX is an app in the form of a calculator for locking video files, for the Android operating system, developed by Flatfish Studio and published for free on Google Play. When you install this app, a regular calculator app will be added to your phone. So no one will notice the lock app on your phone. Inside this calculator, you can easily add your own photos and videos and lock them in different ways. Files locked this way will not be available through galleries and file managers. That’s why there’s an image viewer and a built-in video player with which you can view your files.

Some features and capabilities of Calculator Lock – Lock Video & Hide Photo – HideX Android app :

  • It looks exactly like a regular calculator
  • Has an internal gallery for easy access to locked image files
  • It has an image viewer and a video player to view files
  • Ability to create a fake gallery in the program
  • Ability to create different galleries with different codes within the program
  • Supports several image formats: jpg, png, gif and more
  • View all image files on the phone to facilitate the selection and hiding process
  • Capture the image of those who want to enter your secret gallery.
  • Ability to retrieve images by email registration
  • Has a browser for secret browsing sites

Application Calculator Lock – Lock Video & Hide Photo – HideX a powerful tool for securing files in Android that has consent Android users rated excellent 4.6 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the unlocked version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v3.5.4.2 : 

* Design a brand new download page
* Change browser privacy policy
* UI improvements
* Bug fixes


Calculator Lock – Lock Video & Hide Photo – HideX VIP