Contact Excel Export v1.1 – Excel contacts export application for Android
version purchased for $ 1.96

Usroid site, as the first Android reference site in Iran, has so far provided various programs and tools in the field of backing up contacts to you, dear users, each of which has its own capabilities. Due to the problem of many users in transferring their contact list to other devices or backing them up in this post, we want to introduce an extremely easy and efficient program to back up your contacts to you dear ones. Contact Excel Export is the title of a great application for creating an Excel list of saved contacts, which is made by KolDev for Android.Developed and published. With the help of this program, you can easily receive all your contact information such as contact number, their pictures, email address and در in the form of an Excel file and transfer it easily to other smart devices. One of the best advantages of using Excel Expert Connect is its support for all devices with different operating systems; In such a way that you will be able to transfer the created list to any type of device and use the available information. Another feature of this application is to make a backup periodically and you can leave all the backup steps to it.

Some features and capabilities of the Contact Excel Export Android application:

  • Easy contact management
  • Quick actions for calls or text messages
  • Export contact list in Excel file format
  • Automatic backup of contacts and related information
  • Ability to add incoming contact list and messages to Excel file
  • Professional search of contacts by name or contact number

Contact Excel Export application , due to its ability to create a list of contacts in the form of Excel files, has been able to receive a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 by Play Store users at a price of $ 1.96 . Now you can download the latest version of this software. Get it completely free from the high-speed servers of Usroid site.

Changes in version v1.1:

* Added support for Android 6.0